Alien Mayhem In Amsterdam, House Of Secrets & Soulbase (Animation)


Title: Alien Mayhem In Amsterdam
Name: House Of Secrets & Soulbase
Country: Netherlands
Software: Max, Maya, Lightwave, Afterfx

‘Geweldenaren Van Ver’ (Tyrants From Afar) - A small short, trailer-style aiming at totally blowing away the audience and clear up the common misunderstanding - once and for all - that smaller studios in Holland indeed have enough experience and expertise to fulfill the task of doing realistic animated 3D.

So pop the corn, dim the light, max the volume… Enjoy! Have a look at the mini-site we’ve setup:

>> Watch the Movie Here <<

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Whoops made a mistake…so you people don’t have to copy 'n paste here’s the working link.


:argh: :smiley:
I just love it. Boeh!
Like this retro-style of robots and ufos.
…and i like the cow.
fantastic. :beer:


what i’ve forgot to write:

The way you get the text-parts in the picture is also very super. :thumbsup:


Looks great! REally good compositing and smoke effects!
Its a bit short though - it gets you into it, and then ends - but as you said earlier, you wanted it to be like a film trailer, and it does just that.

I sense a front page plug and broken links…


Realy great!! I realy like the way text is displayed!!

Heel heel goed :slight_smile:


Excellent work, the particle explosions are great! It’s a real teaser trailer, leaves you wanting more…


excellent, the video is very good and very funny
good works:bounce:


Boah, this IS fantastic.
I really like the retro-style, like in old sci-fi films and comics.
Very nice done!

daar hou ik van :slight_smile:
gezellig en heel heel goed!



Wow, great work, guys!

Frontpage stuff.

I especially love the particle Effects - The explosions, the dust, they are awesome!


yeah, except from the overall ass kicking render the particle effects are just fabulous! :applause:


great anim – love the graphic animation a lot


Woha, well you definedly prove that there’s lots of Dutch talent! Amazing.

Het is zo fijn… om een Nedelander te zijn… hmmmhmmmm :wink:


Amazing stuff. Hitting the ABN Amro bank haha.

Echt zo tof om te zien dat hollanders het ook kunnen. Hulde !!


Thanks for the compliments from the whole geweldenaren crew.
It is nice to that there are so many dutch people on this forum.
Anybody interested in financing a certain scifi alien invasion feature? :wink:


House of secrets


I wish i had some money :wink:

Hope to see more stuff from this crew… It rocks :D.


Don’t you worry, we have 3 shorts that we’re working on…
Some of you might have heard of one of 'm already :

Cheers people, and thanx for the comments,

House of Secrets


wow this was superb :applause: you guys rock!


:bowdown: Bravo!

Time to proceed to the full length feature film! Timing couldn’t be better. We all need some really great Sci-Fi, not the crap we’ve been seeing of late…Bravo!

~ Gary ~


Very nice guys, I’m in aw, As good as any preview I’ve seen. When is the movie coming out :smiley:

keep up the good work!!!