Alien Characters for Browser Game


hello guys!

we’re currently working on a Sci-Fi Trading&City Builder game. currently it’s about nailing a basic character design and for this purpose i’d like to get some feedback :slight_smile:

the player takes the role of an kind of ‘overmind’/mighty alien in a 2-class society – the population the player is in charge of can be thought of as a little more intelligent version of the minions (despicable me): they like to party, live a good life, but if you kick them a little they do what they should do :slight_smile:

the whole design should later on appeal to a more ‘casual’ audience.

the team/3d guy is now done with some basic alien designs for the population class, i’d like to hear which one you prefer or what you’d change. The colors/costumes are NOT FINISHED, it’s mainly about the overall proportions/face. thx in advance guys!!

P.S.: i know the process is not the most professional since you should start off with a lot of character studies/sketches first, but since i jumped into the team pretty late and the whole thing is getting some time pressure issues i ask you to go easy on me;)


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