Alien biomechanical shapes 00.2 - Alien Core


Imagine the interior of an odd complex alien machinery or the Nvidia next gen GPU core :wink:

Modeled and renderd in Luxology modo. Small touch-ups in Photoshop.
Original image size 3840x2400. About 20h of rendering on a dual core CPU. No geometry generators used, all modeled by hand.


Wow ! I really like it. your work has produced excellent results based on your concept.

I whish you luck.


This work is Amazing:thumbsup:


now… this piece is more powerful than the last one , really you have great control of your material :slight_smile:

keep it up nomad


nice image Nomad.
good control of the shape.


dension - thank you :slight_smile:

sampi - thx, glad you think that :slight_smile:

phoenix1 - thx, yes finally I created a more dynamic image than the others

Tarazan - thank you, modo is an awesome powerful modeler for this kind of shapes :smiley:


I think it’s not very important to justify your work with a super tech references
because the theme of course it’s the opposit/!
But also it’s a nice work.


Excellent work. I’m a user of Modo 301 myself. :slight_smile:


This is incredible.
Is there the possibility to obtain a higher resolution of your work? The effects are kind of lost in such a small resolution :s.


prudence - well, just wanted to inform about tech specs, some manics like this kind of info :wink:
thx for the kind words

todd4cgi - thanks :slight_smile: glad to have modo user comment :slight_smile:

Slashout - thx, sorry I`m not making hi-res available :shrug:


Nomad its pretty wonderful composition and color scheme …



Oustanding work!


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