Alien Architecture Normal


My Forth and final try for Nvidia’s Artspace Competition.

This is the peace that i want to Enter the Competition and be Judged.

Its a little bit of <Alien> to our world Architecture and Landscape.

u can see Lost Paradise here

u can see [color=deepskyblue]Trapped In Iced here[/color]

u can seeTrapped In Iced 2 The Night Fall here

I am very proude of this even thought the [color=cyan]version with the moving parts is more spectacular [/color]

if you manage to do the eye illusion.

Alien Architecture Normal Big Edition


grate pic good luck
i posted my work few hours ago it didnt post yet do u know maybe why?


It must be 2560 x 1600 (Boarders) and less than 2k.

Keep this in mind and upload it again man.

If you got any problems type here ok?

By the way thanks for your comments i really appriciate.


Hi DesignerGr,

You have a lot of energy! congratulations for your work. I like this entry.

Good Luck


Thank you very much Sir…

The only problem is that your entry is very powerful too…

Thanks for your good comments Man.

The best of luck to you too …


great mood! interessting and odd architecture, i like it.


Thanks Man i really appriciate this.

I enjoed yours too.

Good Luck to All of us.


it just wont show up my work is 2560x1600 and less then 2m and it just wont show up i wrote to all administrators and was trying to post my work since 9th of march but it just wont show up if any of the administrators is reading this plzz respond
and if there is any way to submit my work plzzz i have put a month of work in this piece plzzz help



What happend man did u managed to upload it yet??

This is my msn we can talk there if u like… under DesignerGr nick ok?

I would like to help you.


Good picture.
Image of the grand atmosphere. And, it fogs good.


i like this one, best one u did. the structure looks huge! and quite alien! only thing i dont like is the blurry foreground element, maybe its different in full size…cheers!


Thank you guys for your kind comments i really need them…

I was very stressed when i made this but know i am very happy that you like it.

Thanks a lot u guys … I wish the very best for all …


I think this is your best one. I like it!


Thank you very much thank you.

by the way nice jobs you got there my friend

well done.


Good pic, with a nice “smog atmospehe”, good work


Thanks MDN67 for your comments.

And to be true you guys made me create this scene

because your scenes were just grate.

But now i think that i have something to compete with yours…

So thank you all very much for doing those grate works.


hi :slight_smile:

i like it:)

very cloudly - but it gives ‘special’ atmosphere. For sure i could see this one on my own eyes :slight_smile:
Keep it up and Good luck!


I changed the atmosphere 4 times

but because of the big render times

i couldnt do a lot of expirements with it.

Anyway thank you very much for your comments.

And good luck to you to Man.


Very nice ! :thumbsup:
I like the shape in the center of the image …
Just those birds doesnt come to the image ! it can destroy depth and scale of your work . the near one must be darker …
Keep working bro … You will improve your skill so fast ! I can see it …:scream:
Cheers !


I think YOu are right as always Bro

I will make some additional renders

to see if it gives the first bird in a darker color variation

but i think its the light setup at this point .

Anyway glad you like it bro.

I wish you the best of luck.