Alice in wonderland, Xavier Collette (2D)


Title: Alice in wonderland
Name: Xavier Collette
Country: Belgium
Software: Photoshop

Character design of Alice, from Alice in Wonderland.
I’m working on an comics about this story.

That’s a very funny thing to do. I love this story and each character is a real pleasure!

I tried to do my personnal vision of her, not too “cartoon”, and as far as possible from the Disney’version.

All done in photoshop CS.


La classe For once Alice is a little Brunette atmosphère and style 5*


Greatness.:thumbsup: Alice with attitude? really interesting. but i’m thinking why poker cards? does she wanna gamble :stuck_out_tongue: ? real nice.


Really energetic! -Fantastic image! Very nicely done.


oh, she’s wonderful! great work, especially on colors and textures!


Lovely! Great interpretation of Alice! I really look forward to your comic version!


brilliant! very very well done!


Scala >> merci :wink:

eonridr >> Cards… because there are cards guard in Alice in Wonderland! ^^.

leemale, KseniaYakushina, KseniaYakushina >> thank you!

Poshspice >> thx a lot! I really like your work :wink:

And as you can see with my new avatar, i’ve already made my version of the Mad Hatter, so here it is, in full size:


Really outstanding work! Really nice color palette, fantastic style, great brushwork and texture. 5 stars from me, Xav!


Very nice style, man. Dynamic and right color. Congratulations!


awesome style - really nice movement - your composition is very effective



Very nice work! I really like the lighting and colour on this one. Its great the way it makes the character stand out, and the slight rim lighting on the cards helps to give depth to the image. Nice scratchy, old feel too.

Great stuff.


Nice style, nice composition and dynamic :slight_smile:

Great job 5* for me :slight_smile:


Lovely picture indeed!


Very beautiful, classy, individual take on a classical subject. Great style!

Love your mad hatter too, I hope you’ll post the other characters as well, the Cheshire Cat and the White Rabbit are two old favored of mine…

Stars from Italy!


Quality! Excellent work, I love the colors, well done


Excellent work… 5*


absolutely fantastic. and good for staying away from the disney version. your version is actually even more accurate.

I adore the movement in this piece. the cards truly take you right into the focal point and the perspective/angle on this shot really makes it dynamic… not to mention the colors are wonderful.

… i just saw the mad hatter. im in love. and i want to see more.


sweet! like the colors and the pose.
keep pushing,


I like this image. The dynamic pose is flowing with the cards. Good composition!!!