Alice in Wonderland-Madhatter, Michael Kutsche (2D)


Title: Alice in Wonderland-Madhatter
Name: Michael Kutsche
Country: United States
Software: Painter, Photoshop

This is one of the early Madhatter concepts I did for Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland”.
I did the drawing before Johnny Depp was cast in the role, that’s why there’s no similarity.
All done in PainterX and PhotoshopCS3.


:buttrock: THIS IS AMAZING! I LOVE IT SO SO MUCH!:bounce:


Yeah. excellent work as usual. Your lighting is always fantastic! Also, I defiantly like this Mad Hatter more than the Depp version…


Wow! Simply stunning. The lighting is just gorgeous. I really can’t wait to see this movie either.


This Hatter has a creepy sophistication to him… really nice. Maybe it’s the 'stache.


this is quite impressive. The image very much looks like it was rendered in 3D, particularly the face. There quite a phenomnal amount of detail on the jacket and face as well.


Fantastic Michael! So much character conveyed here. Another great piece!


awesome!!very slick looking piece:thumbsup:


stunning job mate…:thumbsup:.


Another Masterpiece, man! I love the facial expression, and the technique, and the light, and the concept… Congrats again! :beer:


As usual, it’s flawless :slight_smile:


Wow perfect. Very nice. :thumbsup: :applause:


Just perfect!


wow… very nice details painting.
I like all in this image. is very perfect.


Heh, very cool. I love the steampunk vibe you’ve given him. I’m expecting to see a bit of Alice-inspired artwork appearing in the galleries now that the film is due out, but it’s particularly cool to see an actual concept piece from the film preproduction itself. I really agree with an earlier post here that this looks a lot like a 3D model - you’ve really captured a nice sense of dimension.


Great job Michael !
Congrats !


Genau mein Ding!


No words!Congratz man!


Great work as always :applause:


If the hatter looked like this instead of the abortion that it is, I might want to see the movie :smiley: