Alice in Wonderland, David REVOY (2D)


Title: Alice in Wonderland
Name: David REVOY
Country: France
Software: GIMP

‘Alice in Wonderland’ is a large artwork inspired by the well known ‘Alice in Wonderland’ of Lewis Carroll. I worked on it since May for a contest for the french Cg community 3Dvf.
The official deadline for submission to this contest was around last week, I hope you will like my vision of Alice in Wonderland !
Done with Alchemy / Mypaint and Gimp on Linux.

Note : the complete WIP (in french) is readable here :

and a close up :


Wonderful composition! And I just love your design of “Alice”. Great job!


Beautiful and cute character! Awesome composition! Great work, cheers


i love this a lot! great composition,style, color and everything,thumbs up!


Yeah this is awesome, super cute
:love: :love: :love:

  • Ty


Very beautiful illustration, I love all the details, the color, style and atmosphere, congrats :applause:


Woaoo ! thank you a lot for this 5 comments, it’s really cool to have those feedback from high skilled digital painters as you all :beer:


Nice as always old friend.I love the style :slight_smile:


Wonderful work! I love the composition and the color palette, the style is awesome :applause:


Hey , that’s pleasant to receive a comment from you Martin ! I hope to have time to do again a GGs challenge next your thread it was friendly and fun !

@Nekranea> thanks !


wow… What a colour pallette, I like the warm feeling of the whole scene. The characters designs are super sweet, esp Alice and the rabbit, Love the expressions you bought on their face with few strokes and the detail you’ve put in is amazing. Brilliant work :slight_smile:


fantastic dream fell to it, works well and looks great


wow , so fantastic , i Froze toward this one for more than tow moments , just trying to fallow up the characters , wonderful illustration of Alice , and the color you used is superb , good job:arteest:


Beautiful warm colors. I love every detail. Excellent!


Hey, many thanks , Freelah , TheKrakan , Jadedarts , kiittea . First time here after years I get so much comment on Cgs the first day after posting , I feel honored !


very nice work David,me like it:)


Hey Thanks Michael ! It’s a pleasure to receive this comment from you.


Beautiful work! Great composition, colors and depth!


Beautiful work, David! So many interesting details and you’ve done a wonderful job of story-telling.


I love it. To me, way better than the imaginism stuff!