- Alias To Acquire Kaydara


Looks like this rumor is true: http://www.alias.com/eng/press/press_releases/20040808_alias_aquire_kadara.shtml


Dam it you are fast!! i only just got the email…


Good God y’all. That’s pretty BIG news. Whew… let me rest. I like the pointed emphesis on neutrality, too.



Roberto beat you by 2 hours.



Although they say Motionbuilder will remain available for all platforms, I wonder if it’ll will be intergrated into Maya in some way after the aquisition.


I sure hope that it will be integrated a bit more. Although, maya 6 has learned a few things from it already.


I’d think it wouldn’t be prudent (or sane) to rip its roots up and lock it down to one program. The revenue from being available to so many more interfaces than Maya would be hard to throw away. For instance, I’ve looked at how it can help us at FedEx Multimedia, and we’re a 3ds max place. Didn’t Sony recently work it into thier setup? I’m sure Alias is in it for profit (you wouldn’t aquire somethine like that otherwise), so I can’t see them cutting off ties.


EDIT: Rereading your post, I realize that I expounded a completely different idea than what you’d said. Yes, I agree. I wonder if Alias would eventually work elements of MB into Maya, too?


I think it would be a safe bet that they would intergrate it into Maya but still sell it as a stand alone package.

If motionbuilder was built into Maya it would really give Alias a much stronger postion in the market place… 3dsmax wouldn’t have any ground to compete on i don’t think…


Tighter integration with maya is a dream come true. Who knows they may start shipping it with maya 7 unlimited. :buttrock:


Hmmm…news like that always makes me very suspicious…Let’s hope it’s for the better though (although that would be rare in this industry these days)


It is bad news that Alias has swallowed Kaydara.

I liked Kaydara because it was independent from the rest. If I wanted Maya I would have bought Maya. Instead I went with Lightwave and Motionbuilder, and hope I’ll be able to use Motionbuilder with Luxology’s new 3D app when it is released.

Why don’t companies get ahead by innovating, rather than buying other companies to get the technology?

Sure, Alias will keep Motionbuilder as a separate app, but you can bet your bottom dollar that Alias will make sure Motionbuilder becomes more integrated with Maya than it will with other 3D apps. That’s bad for the other apps.

Sad news. Very disappointing.


I agree. Alias with their cut throat marketing, will I am sure create a more Maya friendly version.


hmm… a contender to max incorportating CS into version 7. The war continues…



Alias has cut throat marketing? They are no worse than anyone else and at least motion builder will still be available for other applications. If you want to see cut throat, look at apple and what they did with shake. Anyway, being a maya user, I couldn’t be more happy about this.


Hello everybody,

as you all know, the integration of MB with other products is done thru our FBX file format. I can already tell you that Alias shares our vision in developing this industry standard and we will continue to invest in this initiative.

As well, we will continue to develop MB as we have done in the past. Already, we are launching v6.0 tomorrow and that will be very exciting for all our users !

best regards,



actually if they make kaydara<>maya any better this doesn’t mean they will automatically make it WORSE for other apps.

it’s a bit of a shame to see what was becoming an interchange platform (FBX) to be acquired, but let’s not start witchhunting before we see how they are going to manage it.

Kaydara’s main revenues have always been in dealing with motion capture data and interchange platforms, I can’t see that changing radically the first quarter of 2005.

oh well… as long as it doesn’t go the Apple<>shake way…


Yeah it’s too bad more people had Linux Licenses of Shake than Windows Licenses. :rolleyes:


Now this is a cool news!! MB is a very good animation package and will bring in Maya alot of intuitiveness into animation and rigging.

Alias should also buy something like Silo to improve Maya’s modelling possibilities wich are IMO the weak part of the app as it is out of the box for now.

Congrats to the Kaydara team BTW. :thumbsup:


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