alias sketch book pro for storyboarding?..


Im thinking about to start storyboard my next short film, and was wondering whether to use ASBP for it. Basically i want to keep everything digital - this will make it easier for animatics/editing and also incorpating them into max etc. I was gunna buy an intuos 6x8 tablet to work with it. Have any of you used it?, is it quick and effective? I was planning to make an 1:185 template then just make tons of layers each shot. Does it give good painting feedback?


im also think of using it for thumbnailing as im a big advocate for it, but cant really handle 50 post-its stuck to my laptop!


it’s the perfect tool for this sort of thing


ah cool that great - im thinking of intergrating the pics into max for storyboarding. But it seems a really fast tool for this stuff!

cheers thankyou



Yeah- it’s really designed as a sketching/marker comp tool and is really fast. The pencil is nicer than those found in painter and photoshop, and the fact that it has layers is really nice too, since you can assemble sequences and draw alternate shots on top of others.


nice! - well i was using painter 6 before which was nice. This im gunna send the bmp to a custom animatic tool in max hopefully! + thumbnails and such (written now)



i’m in the prelim stages of working on a film as writer/storyboarder and i’m throwing alias on my freind’s computer and i’ll use that as my storyboard tool then assemble everything into acrobat documents. its perfect because the pencil actually feels like a pencil. now if i only had some kind of… touch monitor… laptop thingy lol.


Well ive tested it and its great! - finally have enough courage to start my next short film.



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