Alfie Monologue


Hi all,
my next assignment is to create a monologue. I chose a clip from the more recent Alfie movie (the one starring Jude Law) I’m giving myself 2 weeks to complete this, so here goes! The clip is 13s long, and its mainly for acting.

I’ve done some poses for the 1st 4s. The rest is coming up. Check back soon!


Hi all

I actually watched this show awhile back, but when I had to pick a sound clip for acting, I remembered this last scene, where Alfie was near the bridge and he was going on about all his misfortunes. At the end of the scene he said something like, whats it all about?. Burt Bacharach’s song which he wrote for the show (the michael cane version) came almost immediately to mind, and charged with emotion, I knew I had to select a clip from there.

So there!


Hi all,

have done more inbetweens with my original poses. Toned down the acting abit cos I din’t want it to be a zany clip.

Here’s the 1st 4 secs!


Here’s the next 100 frames… the timing is alittle off, so I’d need to adjust it when I get back.


Hi all,
I’ve managed to do up the blocking/poses for my clip. I’ll spend the weekend refining the timing/poses and I’ll start splining on monday.

At this stage I’m more concerned about the quality of the poses and the timing itself, so do let me know what you think. (Sometimes encouragements are just as good as criticisms!)

Thanks for keeping interest!


Hi all

I’ve starting adding in some lip sync… It’s definately added more life into the animation. I read somewhere that usually when you start splining things start to get very exciting, because all of a sudden your work jumps to life… It’s kinda the same feeling here for me.



I think before you get too much farther along you should adjust the pose with him puting his arm out. The other arm is very dead and you could be doing just a little something with it just to boost the silhouette value. Other than that its looking real good man look forward to seeing it done.


Hi all
hi aFightingPanda, thanks for the comments. I believe the part you are talking about is when the guy’s left hand is not doing anything, and he says ‘not trapped!’ I guess at such a pose, the character should move his left hand just slightly. I prolly will try something with that on my next pass.

Here’s some splining done for the 1st 100 frames. No expressions nor polish yet tho!


Here’s the next 100 plus frames. Cheers. Oh, don’t mind the poping fingers!


I’ve managed to complete splining for the clip.
Do have a look! Fingers still popping


I don’t like the eyes …still there is no eye blinking…overall body movement is good …but head part is looking dead for the eyes …give it some blink…and ur using lowman …so make sure that the eyelid should close a bit in natural pose…keep up the good work.



Hi all

I spent the prev 2 days cleaning up the hand arcs and fingers, and improving the lip-sync. I decided to keep the other pose (where he says not trapped) but added abit of urgency in his left hand (it twitches slightly) instead.

Previously it looked abit robotic (thats cos the char was just hitting poses…) so I added some moving holds here and there, some arcs to smooth out the edges, hopefully you can FEEL the difference… heh



Hi Priyankar

I havent done any animation for the face / expressions yet, thats why the face is just stoned… I’ll begin on that in the morning. Thanks for noticing tho.


Hi all

What I’ve done today is added facial expressions… eyebrows and eye lid movements. Its starting to look pretty good. After my 1st hour of working on the face I realise just how little I know about what good expressions look like (so more research, eg watching more incredibles, had to be done) I had this same problem when trying to animate the fingers… I realised just how little I knew about what good finger movements are like. I tried to study actors for awhile, but realise that expressions and finger movements (same for body movements) in animation is sometimes alittle more exaggerated than live action. Anyway its all a learning process right.
(pls watch in high quality)

I think I’d take a break from acting, and do a fight/action seq next. Anyone know where I can get monster rigs for 3dsmax? (A troll would be nice) There are tons of great rigs for maya, but only afew for max…
(I am aware of this thread



hi, good job on the animation. nice to see some locals doing this kind of stuff. keep it up!


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