Alfa Giulia Tz2, A.baldasseroni (3D)


Great stuff. It looks very real. I am amazed at how low poly your model is in wire and yet it mesh smooths so well. I have two small crits:

-The paint material is really cool, but on the edges it gets white and it makes the car look kind of dusty. It might be a falloff material that is set that way?

-For such a shiny car I would expect newer tires or at least a cleaning with some ArmorAll. I would suggest maybe shining the tires up a bit.

Great model and great renderings.


I definitly reccomend not shining the tires up, sorry novacaine. I agree the car looks new, but the tires are what gives it the realism in my opinion. It looks like its a car that has been used, but just got out of the wash to show off at the local car show or something. Really badass. I love it. Do you mind if i ask how you made your car shader?


:thumbsup: BEAUTIFUL.


wau what a nice car - nice modeling very low poly (only what necessary:)) nice rendering too - one of the best car i ever saw :thumbsup:


looks like a calendar studio photo…

scanline or MR?


well done:blush:


mmmm, back when race car tires had treads… awesome capture of the car, it has a lot of feeling to the render, like the car is old, but has been restored to its former glory. nice work.


pretty cool but you ave some serious anti-aliasing issues going on with whatever renderer ur using…
other than that looks perfect


looks reall cool! :smiley: great model there :stuck_out_tongue:


very very good images. The feeling of the renders is perfect fo vintage car studio shot.

The model is brillian too. It is amongst the best non nurbs models I’ve seen. The typical effect of surfaces bending into the seams is almost gone. On the upper seam of the door you see a litle this effect still - totally nitpicking though, wouldn’t notice unless I knew it is a cg car.

What bothers me most is the rims around the headlights. Are they really that fat? They sure can be - I do not know the model well enough to know but now it looks bit ugly.

Great job anyways. And very simple mesh - which is cool. What meshsmooth level did you use for these renders?

didn’t mean to be negative in anyway.



Excellent modeling and very nice shadeing . :):applause:


I never post for a car…

But this one, make me down…
Excellent works…


GReat !!!
I guess is brazil, but a little explication about lighting ??:thumbsup:


Very beatiful car.


really well done

like others say, the 77 sticker looks a little odd!!

i really can’t wait to see some animation, what renderer did u use and how looong does it take?



Awsome!!! Very good all!


the attention to detail in the lights is the most impressive to me, best I’ve seen. i agree with dagball, the tires look dirty or old, while the rest of the car looks like it just rolled off the assembly line. but the detail in the tires is exceptional


Not generally a fan of car renders as most are renders of cars I couldn’t give a fig about, but Alfas, well that’s closer to art really than just a mode of transport, and you’ve done a beautiful job of this. I saw a TZ2 recently that was blue (sort of Bugatti blue, which I know is French but hey-ho) and wire wheels which looked just superb. Don’t suppose you fancy doing one like that so I can wallpaper it :wink:

Very good work, my only crit would be on your original renders, it looks like the the metal on the hub caps could do with a few more samples, looks like it’s boiling a bit, but other than that, top notch.

Can I request a Ferrari 250 GT Lusso next please? :wink:


good stuff !
great work . i like it :slight_smile:


Awesome render and model. Nothing but cheers to you.

Only one point of criticism after you posted the close-up of the wheel. The dunlop has the bottom of the characters to the middle of hte wheel. Then one would expect the tire specs to have those too but you have them the opposite way so either the dunlop is upside down but my guess is that the tire specs are upside down on your tire.