Alfa Giulia Tz2, A.baldasseroni (3D)


Hi, here are some stills of a car i made recently, soon (i hope) will follow an animation

Made in 3D Studio Max, Photoshop

Regards, Ale


Great stuff! I really the glow u create… U got some qualty images there that should be frontpage!


Excellent model, Eklettica! I’m not usually into car posts, but I must admit I like Alphas :smiley:
I really like the shading of the surface, but I do find the positioning of the 77 on the hood a little strange - however, I am assuming that there must be some reason for that.

The texturing and modelling of the headlights and rearlights is particularly impressive.

Great job, front page :slight_smile:


I also, dont find most car posts that fascinating, but this one really grabbed me :slight_smile: Its a lovely car, and a great model! like the renders too.


Nice Renderings!


    It neeeds Tire Valves! Quick put em in there :) Need air in those tires if they ever get a flat! just incase!


Really beautiful car :slight_smile: and well done, too. I especially like the way You did the headlights. That “77” sticker on the hood bothers me a bit, IMO glows too much.


Wow very nice :eek:
Could you post wires!? Thanks





wish I owned one.



Very nice model and renders… one thing though, shouldnt the tires be a bit more dark-blueish?! seems very grey to me…

and yes a wire would be nice…:slight_smile:


:eek: :eek: :eek:

This is great, i love 3D cars and you just made my YEAR! Saved all the pics for future wow factor, this is truly stunning.

Maybe a few tips on your rendering technique? :wink:


Hey those are nice!

There is so much to like - details like the tire texture, great lighting.

Nice stuff!


Thanks folks for the comments and thanks Leigh for the plug !

About the 77 sticker on the hover…yes, probably it glows too much, but the position is correct according to my plastic model i used as reference…eheh

About the tyre valves …uh, well, i guess you are right about their lacking, but where exactly should i put them ?

Regards, Ale


Excellent work Ale! i love the surface’s shader, and the illumination too! nice glow fx :slight_smile:
It’s too clear perhaps :wink: but beautiful!

Compliments :buttrock:


Excellent, Eklettica!

I really enjoy your work…


okay… I didn’t want to reply at all to this post because I don’t have anything particular with cars (don’t get me wrong, very good job on shaders and such - I just saw too much stunning cars) but THEN


I SAW THE TIRE!! Omg never seen a tire that good! The whole weel is very good, excellent capture of reality dude!

frontpage deserved for sure :thumbsup:


I think the wheel looks 98% real, other than the yellow dunlop; it just kinda sticks out. Amazing stuff.


Wooow, Excellent!!! :thumbsup:
U did this car so well. i love this work, and u always post up work here so good. Keep post up more. :smiley:



hey! you jenn from 3dt? btw VERY nice renders. keep all this amazing work coming!




Fantastic modeling and rendering!