ALF`s WIP thread


Hi guys! First thread here!


So, Im back doing some 3D RND in my spare time, and while at it - I figured Id make a little personal project based on new knowledge along the way.

Mainly, Im used to do detailed previz / animatics fairly quickly - now, Im pushing myself to take them to the next level and actually finnish the shots myself using various techniques.

So, here`s some stuff from my project so far after a few evenings in front of my screen…

Hope to get this little project round up in near future.


Main sequence -


Wire -


Some pics -

Direct link to 2,5k -

Direct link to 2,5k -

Direct link to 2,5k -

Direct link to 2,5k -

Direct link to 2,5k -


Not a very bussy part of the forum - the whole animation WIP thread, but here`s a update on my little sparetime-project.

Mainly done with the intro shots of the trailer, now soon on the last part. Bring the destruction.


Main opening scene wire - WIP


WIP ( direct link to 2,5k version - )

WIP ( direct link to 2,5k version - )


Establishing shot more or less done.




Yes this is one of the silent corners of CGtalk :wink:

But super shots mate. The establishing shot is sweet. I feel the shaders and textures on the helicopter could be a bit more detailed. You’ve created some high quality and engaging shots in such little time. Congrats. :keenly:


Thanks! :slight_smile:

You know, its always room for improvement - but at some point, you just got to say - its good enough, on to the next one - if you want to actually get some material produced.

So I agree - but hey, on to the next shots!



Soon done with POV shot from heli…


Direct link -


Looks great. I was just going to say that the people walk funny like zombies when i saw the other posts :slight_smile:


Hehe yup!

Almost done with the opening of the trailer - soon of to previz the final sequence!



Also, blocked out the final intro shot - next, to finalize it.

Direct link to 2,5k -


New shot pretty much final detailed - ready for render&comp work.



This looks amazing - looking forward to seeing your final product.


Thanks! :slight_smile:

Ok, nearly there - have some final details in mind, then on to previz a new sequence…

Direct link to 2,5k image -


Hi guys,

here`s the pretty much final shot along with a breakdown. Also, included hires stills of the scene.

Ok then, on my way to previz the final 20sec ish sequence.



Stills -

Direct link to hires 2.5k -

Direct link to hires 2.5k -


Started RND of the final sequence. Will clayrender progression along the way to completed shots.


Done with previz on the final sequence - part2, now back to previz part1 - and then finishing of the shots. Alot of work awaits.

Merry X-mas / new year everyone!




I was hoping to see a rather finished piece with an update. But I don’t mind waiting a little longer if things are going to get THIS cool. :keenly:


Thanks! Hope to have part1 prevized this weekend, then on to finishing the shots.



Previz done on part1 - phew! Now on to the “real” job finishing them up…




That was really fun to watch!


Thanks! More to come as I start to finish of the shots…



More progress -