Alex Antuna - The Fight Beyond The Wall Challenge


Hello everyone! It’s been a while since posting or entering a challenge. I know nothing about the show but will give it a shot! W.I.P. Images coming soon!


Welcome to the challenge.


Thanks Travis!

I finally had a chance to get moving on this Challenge. I had to do some homework on what the show is about. Got some really good help form my Co-workers on what the show is about. From what I understand is that I’m apart of a rare few who have not seen this show. lol. But from all the references I’ve found online this show looks pretty sweet!

This is my screen grab of the dragon I’ve started to model. This is just the base mesh to get me going and moving forward on this project.



Showing the process of detailing the base mesh.


Worked on some Displacement alpha brushes for the details. These brushes will come in handy later on and save me lots of time in the end.



Made a very loose sketch of what I had in mind for the 3d scene I am working on.



Short update from the weekend on the dragon model. Still making adjustments to body and shape.



Having a little trouble figuring out this sketchfab. Hopefully this shows up.

dragon01 by Edgemaster on Sketchfab


This is the base mesh for my wolf I created during lunch today. I would have added to the last thread but that Sketchfab started working and I didn’t want to break it again LOL… But this is my wolf I started with Zspheres for today.



Okay…The Zbrush Summit kinda sucked me in this weekend. But I did get a little bit of time to add to this scene. This is my Wolf WIP.



Small lunch time update. I started to make the neck longer and adjust the head. Just want to get the over all shape set in good before adding too many details.


Some more details I have added to the dragon. I started making insert brushes for the ice bridge I need to get modeling today and hopefully get some details to that part of the scene. I’ve been kinda jumping around on each part of the model to kind of get an over all picture set up.


This is the wolf I added more detail during lunch today. Mainly tried to add some teeth to him and make him in attack mode.



Retopo is what I’ve been focusing on for the Dragon and wolf. I had to get them to a point so I can add the real details and start to get the pose ready. Since the deadline for this challenge is coming up I’m hoping to hammer out some more details and get a pose set up for both.


Tonight was mainly adding some details and hopefully tomorrow I can pose the dragon into the scene.


So now more decisions on composition and layout of the main characters of the scene. A showdown between the wolf and dragon. I’m at a cross roads on should I make the jump to 3d max after all is said and done. Or should I just push what I have inside of Zbrush. The good thing if I keep it in zbrush I wont have to worry about carrying over textures and what not and keep the detail pretty high. Right now I think I’ll just keep pushing as much detail until this computer says "no more!! no more!"inside of Zbrush.

This is what I have at the moment of getting the scene in place with characters and base elements. I still plan on adding more as I move along. But then what it really comes down to in the end is what I have time for in the end. Been mainly hitting this up in my late hours and early morning hours before work.


Small minor update during lunch. Still working on details. Hopefully I can get the tail and wings updated in the morning.


Another lunch time update on this model. Still trying to get to the tail details and wings. The wolf I’m still deciding on sculpting fur or using zbrush fur… I guess that’s why I keep putting off the wolf…


This was a fun challenge. I really wish I had more time to put towards it. This is what I’ve got for the final image on this. I put both high res and low res here.

A final battle of Wolf and Dragon!