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Hello guys,
I am posting this for Alessia because I am not sure if she is available this month.

When I started working with her on the book, I asked her if she would like to do a collaboration with me. Therefore she has sent me these lovely girls:

I am planning to design several variants of clothes for the girls, so that we can then put them in the book as 2 pages spread.

Shall anyone else of you guys want to donate outfits to the girls aswell just SHOOT, and I’ll send you the high res over! I think it would be awesome to see all the different outfit - versions each artist comes up with. Shall you wish to participate, I won’t ask you to do too many, just one dress up for each girl would be cool - of course you could still do more if you wish to. :wink:

  • Anne



Hello guys,
This is the first finished couple of girls, i’m working now on the second couple right now, but they re not yet ready to be posted.
These Fashion girl are an excuse to show my way of coloring different kind of fabrics,
with these i went trough the process of how i color :
[left]plain white cotton, denin, lurex, and tartan.
Let me know what you think, any critic or suggestion will be welcome :smiley:


Hey there Alessia,

I can’t tell you how HAPPY I am to see this lovely preparation!
This is exquisite quality fashion design, exactly what I was looking for for your chapter. Thanks a lot! I will start making some designs for your figures, too - soon, and am excited to hear about your thoughts then.
(Am finishing another artwork for one of my tutorials right now which I am going to share later).

Regarding input, I am absolutely happy with the way you applied everything. When flipping the figures for checking, I just saw that the hair of the one girl seemed to be a little short at the back of her head, making the anatomy looking a bit weird so I made this little comparement:

I think it looks a little better with the anatomy when the hair is a bit wider. But this is just my input, so if you wish to keep it the way it is, please don’t feel forced by me to change it!


Thanks Anne :smiley:
I agree it definitely looks better !

i’ll change the hair on the original too :smiley:


Hey, hey thanks a lot, dear! I am pretty glad that working with you runs so smoothly! :slight_smile: :beer:


Hi all,
This is the second finished couple of girls, i don’t know yet if there would be a tird couple, i have some other outfit in mind but i don’t know if i’ll have the time… we’ll see.

with these i went trough the process of how i color :
[left]Silk/saten (all the shiny kind of fabrics), chiffon (transparent fabrics) , leather (plain and reptile),

paillettes, tricot, and how i apply differnt print pattern to the fabrics (flowered and camouflage).
As always, your critics or suggestions will be welcome :smiley:


Hello Alessia!

I am totally happy with these two, I must say I like them even better than the first one, but that of cours,e is just my taste.
The first one is more everyday while the second one is more elegant/ formal.

Shall you have a third version for all of them, I can’t wait to see it, of course.

I aslo experimented with the “naked” version of the girls you sent me today, but I got no outfit so far, that I am happy with. It is totally new to design an outfit for a figure somebody else has rendered and given. So… whenever I manage to finish something that I think can match the quality of your work, i’m gonna share it here. :slight_smile:

  • Anne


I completely understand, actually i know since i often work as colorist, it isn’t always easy to work on others artworks.
So really if you prefer to use another base by you or to change my in any way, just do it i won’t mind at all. :smiley:

as for a third couple i prefer to finish the tutorial for these first, then if i’ll still have some time left…

I chose to keep my outfits very normal looking purposely, (no fantasy warriors etc) to give the book still more points of view on character design, giving my contribution about fashion design but now i wonder … are they too normal?


Here you can see the finished artwork for the tutorial
which i’ve not yet finished to write :confused:

Feel free to post critics or suggestions :slight_smile:


Hm yeah, thinking about that… they are very pretty and fashion. But I actually didn’t mind that at all because the design of their clothing is made so utterly beautiful with a significant understanding of subject and matter.

Perhaps, if you were to make a/ the third version you could give it an approach making them fit for an “adventure” - unless you already got another idea that would be beautiful, no doubt, and so shouldn’t be spoiled.

Another option would be to finish writing on Brandon first, so that I can view it over, and have the adventure version done then. For the tutorial we then could decide which of the 3 version we’d like to talk about, or we have one of those three talked about in more detail just referring to the other two in sidenotes, like combining them to each other.


I just finished the writing for BRANDON-Tutorial
i divided it in 2 files the first for the figure the second for the background and finishing effects
you can find it here:
And your help in correcting my writing would be very very appreciated! :smiley:

Now i start writing the tutorial for the first 2 girls …


Hey Alessia, I just downloaded both files and will check everything for you. I shall be able to give you good feedback within a couple of days since I just realized that this pc here doesn’t want to open winzip files (WTF).

  • Anne


Don’t worry, take your time.
In the meanwhile i finished the tutorial for the first couple of Fashion-Girls
here’s the link:
and it will be in bad need of a revision too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Haha OK don’t worry I’m hre for you. Just downloaded the pack and will see if winrar helps me out. But I guess it does. I am also always online on MSN, Skype and Facebook chat, should you you want to discus something quick. :slight_smile:

  • Anne


Ok I finally got everything around here back to working normal again. Here comes your ladies tutorial:

I scanned it, made some corrections and suggestions here and there and also highlighted what parts are extremely vital for the tutorial and so should be highlighted in the final layout by boxout, for instance.


Thanks soo much Anne, I made the corrections you suggested, and added a tons of screenshots :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
so here it is again :

for you in your infinite (i hope) patience to see :smiley:



Hey, absolutely no problem! I’ll look it through again and I’ll also work myself through the BRandon files this week. We’re good on time! :slight_smile:


Alright here is the final draft with my annotations:

Overall I am VERY happy with this one! You brought up some excellent tips about folds and texturing and some other useful settings in Photoshop. Excellent!
TO send this over for test layout, I would need this final file in a folder together with ALL the images you used there. (The images cannot be worked into layout when put into a doc file, this is why we need them to be delivered separately, too)

Thanks a lot!! :slight_smile:

  • Anne


Thanks Anne,
I’ll correct the doc document and i’ll make a zip file for you to download, with it and a folder with all the used images which i saved in full resolution as TIF, and the screenshots which are PNG.

I’m also completing the tutorial for the second set of girls… i’m currently adding all the screenshots etc

and i wanted to ask you… when you say “should be highlighted in layout.”
what do you mean? that i should add more screenshots and more detailed explanation? or what?
sorry but it’s my first tutorial , be patient :slight_smile: