Alessia - Personal Gallery


Here there are some of my artworks, (in these i’ve done Everything, sketch and colors)
i’m not very good at judging my own stuff, so any help would be welcome :slight_smile:



Some other…


Here there are works i did in collaboration with some friends…

With Paolo Parente

With Davide Fabbri



With Teuvo Heikkila

With Eduard Guiton


With Razielssecret

With Adriano de Vincentiis


Hey Alessia, where did the fashion huntress go? She wold work good in accompanying the fashion pirotess.
Would your friends permit their pieces to be shown if they were credited?
Would we be permitted to print some of your Dust covers, by the way? Then I would have a look at them sepparated.

For the others I would suggest the following pairs:


I’m sure there will be no problem for the publishing of the artworks i did in collaboration with friends of course credited, but anyway i’ll have them sign a paper Daniel Wade is going to send me.
as for the Dust Cover i’ll ask, though i don’t know if it’ll make it in the final choice …
and Thanks for your favorite list!!


Hm… hadn’t you made more material/ covers for Dust?
I was thinking about perhaps showing one to have a visual underline of some of the publihing work you’ve done.


Yes, i’ve done 6 DUST covers and a thousand other artworks for them…
i’ll post the covers here for you to see as soon as possible :smiley:


These are my favorite Dust Covers and i also forgot Ava which was for an advert for AT-43


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