Alembic export and import with shaders


Any chance you got the script working for 2020? :pray:


Hello guys! Sorry for delay. It`s crazy times and a lot of work!

Here you are alembic export/import script. I tested it on Maya 2020

You can put $0 into price field.

Let me know If there will be some bugs .



Reviving an old thread, sorry! Trying to get this working in maya2022 and failing miserably. Anyone got an idea? Iā€™m assuming its python 2 v python 3 issues, but iā€™m not quite good enough with the differences to get it working. Trying. Failing. :frowning:


I tried a 100 times to buy for maya2020 and it refused my payment on Paypal and credit cards. Exactly what I need but Gumroad is not playing the game