Albuquerque, New Mexico Chapter


Hey all,

  I want to start this off by saying that I would really like to take this to the ultimate level in increasing the CG community here in Albuquerque, NM.  There is an un-tapped resource of talent and thurst for CG here.  

So lets see where this venture takes us and get the ball rolling.

All those intersted in starting up and or attending a CGS chapter meeting here in Albuquerque, NM post your interest and ideas here.



I am very much interested in an Albuquerque CGS chapter. I wouldn’t be able to take the lead in organization, but would definitely be interested and able to help.


I would be intrested in attending, got 3 now who brings the dip :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi all… I’m here in Lubbock Texas… it doesn’t look like there is enough interest yet here in Texas to get anything Going… Albuquerque may be the closest place I get to do any kind of a meeting…

the Texas bunch has been talking about Dallas, Austin, San An, and Houston…

I certainly couldn’t make Houston… but all those places are just as far a drive as Querque is for me… (got people I could stay with in Dallas tho) but nothing has gotten off the ground yet here so I might be trying to get with you guys if your not trying to devide it via State lines…

Besides I would rather go to NewMexico any day than just about anywhere in Texas… :applause:


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