Albert Feliu's Model Collection from HMC



I guess everyone is full and tired of seeing my work around, but since Roberto has built yet another place for me to catch some attention and irrevocably raise some more ego (which needed), I’ll use it :scream:

Thanks Roberto!


Here’s Hank the Werewolf, based on danielh68’s great concept art.


This is Batou from Ghost in the Shell. Totally rushed but uhn…I guess I’ll put everything in here…


This is Pelé, best football player of all time. Check him out on Youtube, pretty impressive guy!


Had much better expectations for this one, sadly had to rush it for personal reasons. Anyways I’ll post it…btw thanks Roberto for extending the deadline, otherwise I wouldn’t have submitted it!


I really love your work ! a wonderful collection !


I liked the pelé model.