Albatross Continued


Hi all, I am continuing to model the Albatross 2000 from the recent EIAS forum YESTERDAY’S FUTURE contest.

My approach at the moment is to:

  1. create the main aircraft body as a solid
  2. shell the body
  3. create nurb curve outlines for windows
  4. project the window curves onto the body
  5. copy and transform the windows curves and create 6 surfaces to use as surface knifes
  6. create solid primitve, cut to size using surface knifes. This is now a window cutting tool solid.
  7. use window tool and boolean subtract it from the main body.

Question 1: Am I approaching this the right way?

My concern at the moment is the complexity of the model. It’s slow going in some form just experimenting with one window, I’m not sure my Mac G4/400 and EIM will be able to handle approx 24 windows, plus other interior detail…

Question 1b: I was wondering if I should have the Main body just be a surface instead of a solid…? But I haven’t tried that approach yet nor have I worked with surfaces in that manner before.

Question #2: Any suggestions on handling large models in EIM? I’m using layers for each main feature of the aircraft, and hiding them when not in use.

Thank you for any help/suggestions,


PS …[edited out confusing content]… I’m just not certain I’m going in the right direction for modeling using Nurbs and Surfaces… my CAD life experience is solids based, with mostly cutting, extruding, revolving, etc simple parametric parts and pieces of parts.


A bit confusing, or is it me…?:surprised

I’m glad you pursue the development of the Albatros and I’m certain that even if you’re looking not to not learn, you will and many person will assist you on the way.

I don’t know about EIM but I made fairly complex models in FormZ on a G4/400 with 750Mb memory. No trouble either in Animator, only patience was needed…

Good luck!

PS Any veggies yet…?:stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Rick…

I took out the “…not…” it’s been to long of a week to make any sense of what I was trying to say…

The Beans just started to sprout… a good sign seeing we are many weeks late getting the garden started this year. Hopefully Zuccini and summer squash will be planted this weekend.




Was just teasing you Mike, “not looking not to” might not be the preferred formulation but the meaning was clear as spring water. Who am I to check english anyway, I speak french and I use online help to write…

I was just thinking about shelling the Albatros to make the interior. Why make only one model with all the parts? It could become huge. You might just map/bump the solid surface for the exterior shots and model only the needed interior parts you want to show. Just my 2.052 cents. (currency conversion…)


Hi mike, i think that i when modeling in eim i use the main body how solid, because eim dont can bevel only 2 surface how rhino o maya make it.

The next problem in eim is that the corner of three o more surfaces you can not make the corner, the only way is make the body a solid, for that rason have solid you body.

But i you make the body a solid, when you go to shell body… ! Failed !, because the form of the shape will be very complex for resolver the shell.

In Tesla i supose that you have a continuity in corner o surfaces… in eim dont have o have a little option, no in corners…

I probe very time eim for all form of shapes… i only say you that if you can model you shape in various phases, you can bebel all corner good, you can deform various surfaces with the tool for surfaces and after boolean this form more complex in one.

I think that if you want a shell of shape, you can offset all surfaces and create two bodys and boolean subtract, its a dificult…

Eim layer is the best of modeling packs, its very rapid and confortable, and this form can you help in move more shapes… is the only metod… or save it in various sat model and import only that part of model…

A very good process modeling is Cristobal Vila Sentinel tutorial…

Bye forum !!!

See you


Hi Rick and Miseka,

Thanks for the feedback. I kind of forgot I could use two models, one for interior, one exterior shots. I can see where a lot of preplanning for a film or illustration would simplify a model a lot.

In regards to bevels I was wondering if a face to face loft would work… it looks like it may at least be able to mimic a bevel? …I’ll have to try later as I just did some experimenting with remove face, and then offset face… then did a bad thing when I tried to use skin… POOF went EIM … didn’t even get the pleasure of a
crash report…

Anyway, I hope to do the interior and exterior of this craft. I have so many other designs I’d like to do, the Albatross will be my learning curve and test model…

Oh Yeah, I’ve been reviewing the Sentinel Tutorial a lot. I understand some but not all of it.

This days is over…thank you, cheers,



Howdy all,

Been struggling so I’m stepping back and trying to do some simple model tests to get a better understanding of EIM.

Quickly ran into this issue:

  1. created a Nurb Curve
  2. revolved it at 180 deg, 10 steps (see image)
  3. Went to subdivide surfaces and the surface went straight on me.(see image)
    Any ideas Why this happens when I edit the surface?

I wanted to subdivide the surface because I think some the issues I’m having cutting windows into the Albatross are related to the body not having enough subdivisions.
Not to mention that I used boolean Union to ‘merge’ the main body with the side window bubbles… Surface editing breaks the ‘merge’…

I’m starting to think I should do a complete rebuid on the Albatross…




PS -Garden status - Corn is Knee high. 2 year old raided the rasberries. The peas, beans, pumpkins, Zucs/summer squash, peppers, Tomatoes[for sauce], broccoli, and some carrots moving along well. Fingers crossed the 3 neighborhood rabbits stick to the clover for meals.


Hello Mike!

Sorry I can’t help you with EIM. I’m sure somebody will chime in. If you don’t get an answer soon, I suggest you move the WIP to the regular forum or to the EITG forum. New posts are not very eye catchy in the WIP Section.

Raspberries only exist to be raided by kids. You neighbors have rabbits…? I live in a city, haven’t seen a live rabbit in eons… Post a picture of your garden so I can make my wife cry…


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