akuman_cinematic character of soshiant's game


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hi every one

so long without any post in wip section,finally i decided to start a thread about my last work:
akuman the ruler of siavoshgard city........he is one the main demon character in soshaint game...you  can see more screenshot and concept artwork here:

the concept artist /art director of the game is my good friend Soheil Danesh Eshraghi.
this is one the test image of the character with costume,many thing still temp,need more tweak here and there,some need color correction and the big old looked silver necklaces added in next time when i have more time,and he need hair, i know :slight_smile:

so i'm looking forward to know your good ideas and critiques:)

hope you like it:)



Wow, man it’s really great sculpted and i know how much time you’ve spent on it, plz put some of the Z brush screen shots as well. you know what to do ! and it’ll be great at last .
We will go through a great cinematic movie with this character in the future… 5 stars!


Looks great Mohammad, can’t wait to see more…


very strong looking model and I love the feel of the robe. Only thing that bugs are the horns. The flat texture/shader on this doesn’t work if you ask me. I would through some colors and some spec on them. Great model…keep it coming


looking great so far man!
i just think his waist looks a little bigger. Looks like a fat woman waist :stuck_out_tongue:
Im watching it dud!



that character is looking awesome.


wow hi mohammad,
that is really great welldone model with nice texture.
I’ve seen the big poster in the Digital fair in the tehran, and some part of the game too.
I meet Sohil my dear friend too.
you guys really are master in your work.


Really nice character, but sorry I don’t like the “skirt”, the concept of it and the fact that looks bumpy on the folds if you know what I mean…it’s the only thing that ruins this piece for me :slight_smile:


very nice… Thx Pesar …


This is excellent work. Keep it up man !


Hey dude!
Looking @ this I think you have done a great job so far And i’m sure you will push it further!
Nothin’ more to say…, but…
KEEP IT UPPPP!:bounce:



i love hm :applause:


Great job! I hope there will be more soon!


wow, really nice


wow,many thanks for great and kind words ,actually i’m in vacation trip now, so i will update this big guy in next days(maybe Friday):slight_smile:

danesh:thanks man ,you know it well, if your comments and art direction doesn’t exist this character didn’t turn to this level…thanks again hope to work with you at…:beer:

bradjames:thanks man,your are exactly right about the horn,i will upate this in next update

grassetti:thank you :),hmm it true the waist is a little bigger but when i come back to my home ,i will post the body itself without cloths ,and remember his is old and have more fat around his belly;)

MGELA:thanks dear mohammad,glad you like it :),hope to see soon

centurionit:thanks man your critique is true ,the fact that the skirt seem a little bumpy is for faster test render i turn off the subdivision on parts of model so i will post more smooth skirt in next one;)

syros:a very special for thanks for dear syrus,you are so encourager me to making akuman,and i will push it more and more:)

fassihi:thanks dear amir ,hope to see the final cinematic as soon

Alphagsv,BenCole,Nosratkhah,power-3d,RTjunior,pussycat:thank you all for kind words


Incredible, show more!?


hey mohammad,this is going to look great…i know this is a WIP so i’ll wait to see your next update,then i’ll give you the crits

keep it up buddy


This is pretty cool!


Ohhh!!! my god:eek:
great work !!:bounce:


Fantastic start. Can’t wait to see it after some more texture work.