AKUMA, Duc (Phil) Nguyen (3d)


Title: AKUMA

Name: Duc (Phil) Nguyen

Here is my first entry for 2018.
He is one of my favorite video game character. At first I was playing with a portrait of Liam Neeson I did in Zbrush. Then I decided to push it a little further and make a final character.
I will finish the liam neeson portrait one day.
I made his clothes in Marvelous and his hair with Ornatrix. I used texturing XYZ for his skin details. I projected the skin texture in Mari. The asset texturing was made in Substance Painter and rendering in Maya Vray.
I put a little simple rig on this guy. Made him a cool pose and corrected them in zbrush.

I hope you’ll appreciate it !
Cheers !


Incredible work. The sculpt is amazing for sure, but those textures really bring him to life. Just Superb work!


Thanks ! really appreciate it !


wow superb work, I would like a poster :smiley:


So who is it?


This is the fantastic character with great poses. I would like to use your model as a reference for my painting. I will always provide links to your work as a reference. Can I?


Awesome stuff. Would love to see the Liam Neeson once you get it done. One question… how many polys did Akuma end up being?


it look great.


The level of detail is impressive


Awesome!!! Great work!!!


Thanks everyone !
@TerentiusJ : yeah I willl finish him when I’ll get the time to ^^ hum I don’t know exactly but I would say something like 250k maybe. I should take a look one day =p
@JC3D : yes sure, make yourself at home haha :wink:


amazing just begins to describe it. great work.


Now this is what I call proper fan art ! Most of the time 3D artits tend to take a 2d character and just make as realistic as possible !!! Despite their technical knowlegde and skills, making the character as real as possible just looks so eerie in the end . In the end it looks like the substance of the character was just lost along the way.
But this here just shows your understanding of Gouki/Akuma’s visual identity … you did indeed successfully translate his 2D look into a great stylized realistic render … which from what I’ve witnessed is no easy task. Your concept choices were correct sir . Great Work . Kudos.