Aku Anka "Donal Duck" Commercial


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Forsberg & Co
Fredrik Falck

Mats axby

3d / Compositing
Peter Aversten

Resource film/ Hassan & Partners

Donald Duck commercial for finland. We made the vacum cleaner in maya using mentalray for rendering. And shake for compositing.


That’s funny! :smiley: (and well made!)

Are these commercials going overseas? I know there was a line of very similar Donald Duck commercials in Denmark once.

  • Jonas


i like the idea very nice and funny, :thumbsup:


Good animation. It was really hard to tell what was real and what was fake. It was really funny!



They only got shown in finland as of now…


Kääk, that’s funny animation :slight_smile:

Meshman, do you have a own company? Mac based?



No not my own company. I work for a production company here in sweden called Forsberg & co… I do have a thing called meshmen but that has only been writing articles and such for different magazines.

at forsberg we use mac, Yes…


here is a brief breakdown of the layers

Peter Aversten


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