Akira's Sletchbook


Hey, guys! After being repeatedly told that I can’t draw because I’m left handed or because I lack any sort of talent, I decided to stand up for myself and start learning how to draw. I realise this will take me years. I want to post daily to keep me motivated.

Right now I am going through “Keys to Drawing.” I decided on “Keys to Drawing” because I read it’s pretty much the same advice without the left-brain / right-brain filler that I don’t believe in.

I’ve done some drawings before, but I feel like I cheated because I was using photos as references. These drawings are from real life references.

Let me know what you think. My worst skill has to be rendering / shading, I have no idea how to do that properly. This is why I always draw round objects badly.

After “Keys to Drawing” I’ll go to Loomis’s books. Could you please recommend an order for them? My goal is to draw pretty much anything that there’s no real world reference for. Necromancers, cyborgs, a half-rabbit-half-human creature, anything.

My interest in drawing from reality is low, because if I wanted that, I’d have simply started photography instead. I know I am required to draw from reality in order to learn how to draw, but this is just a means to an end for me.

Thank you for reading. Please leave a comment, anything, if you are reading this. Knowing there are people who see these really helps motivate me do them daily.

PS: I don’t mean I won’t be using references. I mean my goal is not sightseeing drawing. I am not sure what the name for that is, it’s when you draw an image that right in front of you (for example, a park lake)

Perfume bottle

Pear - left, first try; right, second try.

Feet - To redo in 14 days

Hand - To redo in 14 days

EDIT: Because of some personal stuff I’m putting this on hold.