AKIRA - Akira - Fan film


New Kaneda!


a lil’ posing of Kaneda to show how the skinning and shading work.

Currently working on shading to get a better result of the same idea. Still exploring possibilities :slight_smile:


Bike full render! Love it !


New render of the bar’s door


The new poster of the film is here !


Walk Cycle of Kaneda with full render and compo



I started environment lookdev some days/weeks ago.

It will be much more close from the original anime than before and I push more to a “spider verse” style. I only did texturing like the movie for the interior concrete, so, the rest will come soon!


New video of the environment with full render !



Some more pictures of the shot i’m working on.


New video here about animation of the images you’ve seen last week!



Last pictures out of the 3 shots i’m working on


Lighting test for a shot of the first sequence.


More work on a shot of the 1st sequence!


Differents shots I´m currently working on.

Of course, render are low sample to have quick results


Shikishima, the colonel, is the new character.Modeling/texturing are mainly done and some modification have been applied to the main character, Kaneda


New render of the Colonel


New renders for Kaneda


Latest renders of the movie !


New render WIP ( need Background to do)