AKIRA - Akira - Fan film


Concpet for the next character who will be visible in the first sequence. He’s a mysterious guy, nobody knows him.

which one do you prefer?


Here is the concept i’m working on for this bad guy:


Hi! I think i like the first one better, he looks like a tourist so I think it could fit the character of being mysterious. The second one I like would be the third one but without the hat it’s less mysterious for me and just seems like a random dude. Cheers!


Hi guys,

I’m taking a break on this project for personal reason.

I don’t give up, stay tuned ! :slight_smile:


I’m back to the project guys !

I’ve been working on the Kaneda’s head last days … this is damn hard to recreate 2D manga faces in 3D, to get the thing that we recognize one character to another one …

So here is the new face i did, with the body and all effects. I need to do hair later, which will be another big thing because they become a mesh and not hair fibers to achieve anime animation like I want.


I did some usefull things to add in compositing, which add a lot of power in manga and anime: Speedlines.

I need to have a fast and easy way to create them and I found out that maya is very usefull for 2D things also!

here is some speedlines created in maya with standard nodes. I can play with the ramp2 to “shape” the kind of lines I want (radial or linear).

For animation, you can play with frequency by increasing and decreasing quickly and the job is done!


Hey! Nice to see you back! Very difficult indeed, Sonic movie can confirm that! x) Poor guys who worked on the movie


New work on DA again and again … I feel like it’s better and better but at the same time.

So here is new renders. I’m still looking for a manga/anime like while keeping things not too flat.


More renders and tests on the DA. This could be my final stylized shaders:


New work done for the crossroad section.

I did a lil’ comp with the original background.