AKIRA - Akira - Fan film


I’ve added more lights to the street scene. I try to find a nice colorful mood for this shot, to match the reflection of the sad atmosphere of the city.

Here is my ideas:

Mood 01

Mood 02

Mood 03

Mood 04

What do you think ?



Pretty hard to decide but I think I would go with the blue one, mood 4 because since the motorbike is red it will make a contrast and pop. I do like the mood 2 too. Very excited to see the final result!


Yes, you’re right! I’ll make some test with the bike and the character to see which one is the best.

I’ll share more color concept too!


I made some versions for the poster.

Any thought ?


I’ve juste finished the police car for the movie.

Here is some turn and renders



Main character 98% done.

Need to work more on blend shapes to have stronger expressions. And probably a set of blend shape for the face with and without the glasses to avoid penetration in it.

here is some render low quality for the blendshapes have made

looking at something




Animation test to test my car rig.

ps: it’s been 3 years I didn’t do animation so, it’s pretty hard haha.



Another animation test for the car. More complex this time:



Test about the artistic direction I want to have for the movie. A lil’ bit of spiderverse in it, at least, I try :wink:


Another color test. I will probably use it for the chase scenes.

again, it’s just ideas and of course not a final look.


Still working on stylized rendering of the movie.

Beside, i’m working on the tunnel sequence, soon to come :sunglasses:

sketch pass:


Another test, slightly different, but better !

Here the shader i made in order to have this kind of effect:


Big WIP of the tunnel sequence. Still working on atmosphere, film effects and compositing .

Next, I will have to find how I can make this kind of light effect:


Wow amazing! Love it!


First animation test with the tunnel scene.
What do you think ?



Animation time!

I started some animation in one of the multiple action sequences of the movie.

Crossroad accident.

Check it out: https://vimeo.com/380556942


The last past weeks, i’ve been a little bit busy making the sequence N°2 of the movie: the street chase.

It was very challenging to me because I’m not very comfortable with animation … I did my best while doing it quickly, so, finals animations will be better, I hope haha

Enough teasing, here is the link to the video:


Tell me what do you think!

Some screen shots:


News time!

I’ve been working on the new face of the main character this past days.

So, I’m more into a cartoon than a realistic face, It will fit better the overall artistic direction of the whole movie.

Still some small things to do on the face but 90% is here.

Now, I have cloth to do again.


New work on the main character.

I changed the eyes shader, hair style, skin color, fixed clothes from the previous version (modeling and textures), finished hands, …

Here is a poster, I don’t want to post 15 images here so check out the artstation link to see more pictures:


More fixes on the face to get more close to the original character. This version is much better right?