AKIRA - Akira - Fan film


Hi guys !

I started thinking about a new AKIRA movie since, like, 1 month. I already did Kaneda’s bike and the first storyboard.

So here is the main line of the project:
A 1min30 animated film, based on the last movie. It’s like a small prequel for “AKIRA 2” (which apparently never come to theater).

I’ve imagined that the second episode of AKIRA’s story could be Kaneda looking for his friend Tetsuo, who disapeared at the end of the movie (sorry for spoilers). And then, 10 years later, Kaneda, alone in a bar, saw on the TV, a memorial about the nuclear bomb who destroyed Tokyo, and this remember him suddently that was the same explosion he saw at the staduim, when Akira appeared. So maybe going back to Tokyo is a way to find Akira, Tetsuo and answers.

This Topic is here to share the work and talk about this project.

PS: I’m working alone so updates could take time :slight_smile:


So here is some pictures of the bike:



and here is the animatic from the storyboard i’ve made: