AJ's Sketchbook


I do a lot of images/sketches/doodle that don’t really warrant their own submission to the gallery, so I thought I’d post some of them in a thread here instead :slight_smile:

A head sketch I did to test out ZBrush on the Cintiq Companion

This is a character I did based on the insanely brilliant concept by Nurzhan Bekkaliev



Just a silly idea I had :slight_smile:


Hey, nice work AJ. And the expressions on the cup is perfect. Though the angry guy scares the hell out of me.
Good work!


Ha! Got a good chuckle from the coffee cup skit. :slight_smile:

The girl with the flowers is a really interesting character. Great model. Look forward to more of your works.


Nice work AJ.

The Robot Lady looks a good Char. Like her!


Cool character design aesthetic in particular the girl, hmmm…for me can’t put my finger on it for the moment but she’s ringing a bell somewhere, so out of curiosity is she custom or fan-art?.

Heh…plus the coffee cup nice work btw, very funny like one of those old school “2D flip book” face animations I remember playing around with as a kid from way back when.

Cheers :wink:

doh!!..hey thanks @musashidan, I’d have to lay blame squarely apart from concentrating on the image in question thereby missing the link, at the door of my poor eyesight even whilst wearing my spec’s… :slight_smile:


The link to the concept artist is in the post.


Thanks for all the kind words! Hope to post some more doodlings soon :slight_smile:


Really well done! Pixar level work, no doubt :thumbsup:


A silly thing I did during some downtime.



Haha that coffee cup is hilarious, great work in here. I cant see that video you posted though :shrug:


Whoops! I have now fixed the link :slight_smile: Thanks!


No, I don’t know why I did this either.



Nice physics on that balloon, especially around the edges. It’s all so delightful until the thing speaks, which makes it suddenly very disturbing.


Excellent, that’s exactly what I was going for :smiley:


That cup is hilarious, I love its facial expression


I love this kind of stuff. I’ve got a bad habit of getting bogged down in way overly complex models. I wish I had your abilities to do something simple and cheerful. :slight_smile:



A lot of my professional work has been very detail oriented, so I find myself gravitating toward simpler stuff in my free time.

I did another animation. I… I think I have a problem.



MY 2 yr old daughter is pretty obsessed with these little egg animations, so I’m now taking requests. She wanted to see a ‘rolling egg’.



That cup XD