Air village, Rafal Waniek (3D)


Title: Air village
Name: Rafal Waniek
Country: Poland
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

This scene is based on a rough 2d artwork of Iwo Widulinski. The idea was to create a massive village drowned in green clouds and dust.The whole village is cover in semidarkness, hundreds of small lights are the main light source and the only sign of life around here.

here is a short animation of this scene.

here are some closeups


nice camera and lights Keep it up


i love the mood, colors, lights. only the top-right part bothers me. seems much like a bunch of copies of the same thing. maybe adding some subtle difference between light’s colors and intensity would do the trick.
anyway, it’s great.


Very nice colors and compositing,congratz man!


Very nice !


:eek: Lovely !

So many details it’s overwhelming ! I like how you attached cropped areas of your composition, each one of them could be a rendering by itself. I am impressed!


Nice composition and colors :cool:


wow nice work i liek it , very good detalis but i think this image he is look like it 2D not 3D 100%

good luck 4 ever :applause:


wonderful work! i love it!


Jesus… You are crazy. Such many tiny details. How long did it take to finish? :eek:


This looks great! The village is amazing!


nice image, like the colors and scaling.


wow , this is so interesting artwork , great job , love the mood , atmosphere , everything is perfect :buttrock:


Thanks for comments

emte-actually those are copies of the same thing :slight_smile: (vray-proxy), I have experimented with different light colors but it looked like a Christmas tree.

The scenes took me a couple of weeks, I can not tell exactly how long because in meantime there was lots of other things or projects that needed to be done…and yes the scene is 100% 3D


Awesome work man ! So much details and good colors !
Keep it up


love the mood


i like it


piękne kolory, looks great :thumbsup:


Very beautiful work! :thumbsup:


Edi_w !!! it’s fantastic !;] it would be great if you could post more often such renders ! animation is mmmmmmmmmm… i have no words ;] looks like from a movie :slight_smile: