Air :: Hanger, Bengal (2D)


hello everyone. just being around.

and two other pics :

this way :: buddha

little shiroi :: was not alone in the train


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That’s the best thing I’ve heard all month. :applause:
Please post here as frequently as you do over on Eatpoo … that way I don’t miss any of your lovely images :smiley:

I’ve seen these already … but they’re still like sex for my eyes each time I see them. If you haven’t done so already, please … oh pretty please, submit something to the EXPOSÉ book.

There … you got a grown man begging. Pathetic isn’t it? :smiley:


Oh la lá, the French invassion :love:

Lines, colors, lighting, comp, theme, I love absolute everything, your artwork is so inspiring it hurts.

Now, I´m a fanboy, at least i haven´t used those stupid emoticons like ^____^ yet.


Originally posted by Kirt
That’s the best thing I’ve heard all month. :applause:
Please post here as frequently as you do over on Eatpoo

What the hell? :surprised

Anyway, great piece of art :slight_smile:


great work


WOW! i totally love your style! thanks so much for sharing!:buttrock:


Oh yeah !!
I love your style Bengal, i always keep an eye out for your posts at Eatpoo… great to see you are getting great exposure here…

GL bud :beer:


Symply cool !!! :drool:


Beautifull work…

So technical and yet so poetical! Love the “pastel” colors!
Also there’s some Matrix flafor onto them right???

Amazing! Great pencils and colors style. Care to share some of your technics with us? What app is this also? Painter? Photoshop?



I like the design.
Color and lights are well chosen.

Go ahead for posting your other creations.

(Bravo les frenchies :stuck_out_tongue: halte au chauvinisme!)


i love the lighting, everytime i see a futuristic pic like this its always dark storm clouds or outer space, but this has that warm sunlight fealing to it, great job:thumbsup:


Looks really nice overall.

just one nitpick.

Those tools look like they would slide right off the robot in the firts image, espeically the bolts, and it looks like they’s have a pretty long fall.


you have some really nice work there, :love: and as everone else said please post more :wip: :wip:


how come you french guys are all so damn good at drawing :surprised

anyway, fantastic work :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Nice! I like the first one better tho =)

oh btw…

there’s no such thing as a french invasion Pancreas :scream:


cool… it ain’t my style, but these are worth my compliments more than once.


very sweet!


Yey. Bengal, you are without a doubt, one of my favourite artists ever (next to Metal Gears, Yoji Shinkawa that is). It’s great to see you posting your work up here man.
I’ve already seen the top piece (as I said,very dedicated fan), but the second is most definately new.
Very impressive use of light and form as always. I just love those ‘lazy’ colours.:slight_smile:


all>> super thanks for the warm welcome, feels good!!

kirt>> i’m preparing ‘fixing joe’ for that purpose. thanks! :slight_smile:

strick>> you would be right if joe was not a robot with magnetic residues over the shell. :wink:


pour un debutant* :scream:

*sur Cgtalk

:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

mais bon, on dirait meme pas de la 3D d’abord !!!