AIPAC / Thrust best fighter ship 3D, Christian Grajewski (3D)


Title: AIPAC / Thrust best fighter ship 3D

Name: Christian Grajewski

Country: Germany

Software: Autodesk Alias Keyshot Photoshop

Submitted: 19th July 2016

We write the year 2142, the human race has recovered from a worldwide pandemic and reached a technological threshold, where our vehicular design and propulsion technologies allowed us to travel easily within our own solar system…
90 percent of us are living together in Neopar old Europe…
AIPAC is a none human controlled machine, because every life is precious on future earth…
The AIPAC Drones ( Artificial Intelligence Protection and clearance Drone ) are controlled by mankinds most advanced AI,
called THEIA.
Those Drones are our last airbore war machines…

My overall design idea was to use just basic shapes and keep it as simple as possible , so a very young child could draw the Outline! And it has to be as quick, maneuverable and deadly like a Peregrine Falcon the fastest animal on our planet!
It is mostly inspired by a Wingsuit a Falcon and our drones today.



Some more finished shots : )



This shot is about the AIPAC Drones are bored and chasing each other like little kids.
and I tryed to show as well a bit more of all the mechanical details at the bottom : ).



Hey, I wanted to show my fighter drones in a high orbit of earth, while someone is watching their approach.
And I decided for another color variation. Hope you like it.


in space


Good luck to all of you guys!


This is an excellent design! And very well executed images! :slight_smile:


Thank you Michael! Danke :)!


Thanks Guys!