Aion Underground, Benita Winckler (2D)


Title: Aion Underground
Name: Benita Winckler
Country: Germany
Software: Photoshop

The ruins of “Aion” - legendary city of the Old World…
There are still some secret entrances to the underground… but it’s not safe to descend to the darkness…

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I like it!Nice style, great colors!:thumbsup:


Good, very good ! Beautiful illustration.Good job !
A very beautiful environment, the character is very beautiful, the colors are soft and velvety.


:applause: BRAVO!:applause:

Beautifull painting.
So live ,the garment is perfect the colors and composition to.
And the sheep’s face was the touch.

5 stars good work


very good mood and so sexy girl 4* :thumbsup:


Excellent image! The textures on the dress are fantastic!


Absolut genial Benita!
Gruß, B.L.


Yes, i agree. The design on the dress is awesome. Face looks really good, too.


Beautiful! The expression is great. :eek:


Wow! 4* from me!


FANTASTIC WORK but the hands looks a little big

really nice color


Can you discuss her facial expression?


Wow excellent piece Benita, very well executed! the folds and pattern of her dress, the textures of the wooden stairs, the lighting, everything looks perfect!


There just might be god afterall. I wanna be that picture. :slight_smile:


Very beautiful Benita :slight_smile:


Love your rendering style!!! Very beautiful. :surprised


I second that Very beautiful Benita :slight_smile:


That’s creditable! The lady’s flawless. I’ve checked your details. Impressive art 'n insane details! Great colors too!
Actually why she is injured?
I love this concept! Keep it up! :thumbsup:

Oh, and 5* of course!!! :beer:


Excellent atmosphere and fine textures, marvelous! I give you 5 Stars too! :wavey:


very, very good work benita :bowdown:
I love her big hands :smiley: