Ailill And Roksana, Linda Bergkvist (2D)


Just a couple of portraits???
The level of mastery in these works is absolutely breathtaking. And yes it is artists of your caliber that set the bar for the rest of us. I am looking forward to seeing your book (if this work is any indication, the decision to buy it will be a no brainer!)

I hope you return to full health very fast!

All the best

Gord MacDonald


Absolutely beautiful, great colours and form. What kind of reference material did you use?

mark tsang


First portrait: Love her mouth, nose, expression and skin!
Second portrait: You should keep her away from the strawberry jam :slight_smile: Nice creepy stuff.



Great work here Linda.
Im a sucker for Photorealistic work and these are just that. The detail on the first image is incredible. You really have captured the Skin tones and textures amazingly well.
The second two I think are great as well, you have captured a dream like quality to these works which is just great.

Im curious as to your process. You say you use Photoshop and Painter, which programs do you use for which bits?
Also, which program do you prefer as they are quite different?


nice, bloody nice! :thumbsup:


These works are really shocking. I’m trembling if I think at your technical skills and at the careful that you put on minimal details, colours and light. (I don’t understand the critic on the distance of the eyes, or on the proportion of hands…these critics simply doesn’t match with Art (and its history)…moreover, I don’t understand all the critics on the beauty, shape or colours of a subject, because I think that if I want to depict an “error” of mother nature, like me, or the 2 girls - or is the same? -, in your paintings [joking], I can do that; mother nature did it.)

But… I feel that I would be more enthusiastic, and appreciate those 2 great pieces of Art, only if I was sure that they are not made painting over, or copying, a photograph.
I know that many big artists do that, either from the past or present days, but I feel that I’m really shaky only if I know that those pictures came out from the real mind and soul of the body who painted them… Anyway 6 stars.




Mmmm, and not try to say me that you didn’t copy from a photograph. Sorry I really cannot believe that, at least until someone who I can trust can convince me…

MMMMMM n.2, after some watching, I’m pretty sure that those 2 pictures are 2 photographs retouched, through the overlaying of slightly painted layers.

I’m sorry. Interpretations like mine are part of the destiny of photorealistic painting.

Anyway these 2 works, that, I insist, I appreciate a lot, are 2 photographs retouched by painting in Photoshop and/or Painter.



Amazing, your skill is amazing. :eek:


Awesome, awesome, awesome. The emotional contrast in the 2nd pic is brilliant, innocence and evil blended beautifully! and yet you still feel something for her hehe.

You have one buyer for your book right here.


very cool …
I always liked your stuff and those look really cool.


WOW!!! Amazing as usual. Absolutly beautiful…:drool:

I love the first image, that hair and eyes…ooo… and the skin is so lovely…

I also love that full figured image…

I’m in awe… you make me want to draw again :cry:


OMG like photos :eek: i luv second pic .


impressive work, very realistic.
In front of such a result, I would like to know a bit more about the process :

  • did you use your memory, or a living model posing for you, or some photo ref ? If yes, would it be possible to see it ?
  • How long does it take to make these two pictures ?
    Thanks by advance.

Anyway happy for you to have find an editor.


this is a stunning work, your skills in 2D computergraphics do really show a new level of perfection someone can reach, never saw sth this stong. it’s not only the realism - some others are absolute toplevel as well but the athmosphere… incredible. There’s so much expression. More than 5 stars from me if it would be possible.
this is really worth a book, I’m looking forward to the time its available.


Simply stunning work Linda. :eek: Photorealistic!
I’d love to see stages and how you develop these images.
What resolution do you work at?


Wow! Amazing work! They are pretty! (Minusing the blood on the second one. :p)


just Amazing! :eek: :eek: 5 stars here!

micket bra!:buttrock:


simply lovely. superb work.


Stunning work! As always.
Checked your site (again) and I am curious if you use references for you faces. They are so damn real!

Himla bra! :slight_smile:


AWESOME,___roksana is my new love:thumbsup:


I like your soft tecnique.