Ailill And Roksana, Linda Bergkvist (2D)


Title: Ailill And Roksana
Name: Linda Bergkvist
Country: Sweden
Software: Photoshop

The picture above is a portrait I did for the sake of fun. I am still working on my book so the main bulk of my work can’t be posted (and the book is postponed a little because I’ve taken ill). At any rate, in between other things, I do a few portraits from time to time. I find it very relaxing to have no pressure for backgrounds or full-body paintings, but instead just focus on the features and the feel of the image.
This is the second painting I feel like showing - mostly to say thank you to whomever worked on V:tM - Bloodlines… I find that game an insane amount of fun.

I used Painter and Photoshop for both of these, Ailill was finished a week or so ago and I did Roksana yesterday (and if you’re interested in viewing another image of her… click
And I am truly sorry these are just a couple of portraits - I do tons of more intricate material, I just can’t share it just yet :[


wow~~~~~~~~~great work:bounce: :thumbsup:


i really like the first one. its a nice fresh look that you went for ( from your usual darker themed pieces ). the colours also very much work for me. great stuff. only thing ( and maybe im wrong ). perhaps the left eye ( her right ) is too close to the nose? on the left eye ( her left :wink: ) we see a lot of the eye all the way to the nose, but if that eye was the same distance from the nose as her right then it would be a little further away?


Hi Linda !

Great works, as usual.
However (but it is only a personal opinion), I think that the 2d one is really too close to photography.
I mean, you have great skills for painting, and maybe it would be more interesting to see some brush strokes to make it more… “painting” and a bit different from reality…
(dunno if I’m really clear ><)

But as I said, it’s only a personal opinion… and some people must be totally in disagree with that :-p

anyway, 5 stars :slight_smile:


:banghead: I must say that i really love your work Linda. I find different things to look at every time i see the same painting u did… :slight_smile:


Linda linda linda… you set the bar for everyone in CGtalks’ 2D forum.
This is just stunning, of course.
The hair in the first one knocked me to the ground, and then i saw the hand and fell down again.
Can we see the ref images?

How are you feeling? not ill anymore?


I could stare in these eyes for hours, hypnotic, yet incredible.




Wohoo, totally amazing! They have so much personality. For some reason I really like second one.

“You don’t want to hurt anybody know do you?”
“Oh but I do…”

Bra jobbat:)



truly amazing work… Im very interested & would love to see your process. If this is just a peek at whats gonna be in your book I cant wait.

Hope youre feeling better…:thumbsup:


Linda … impressive work…i love your way of painting…and i think youre a real artist…i really admire your work…and i think only great persons can achive this kind of quality …very good…:bowdown::bowdown::wavey::arteest:


Wow, I really like all of your work.

I hope that you arnt seriously ill and that you get better soon. :slight_smile:


• I must take my hat off for you Linda…, It’s beautifull


Hey everyone :), and thanks for your comments. I just wanted to say I’m going away over the weekend but will respond to every individual post when I get back home (just giving a heads up so no one thinks I’ve abandoned my determination of responding to everything I can respond to, heheh)

I’m in a hurry, have to catch a ride :] See you guys soon.


Loved the inocent expression and the mouth full of blood!

You kicked some ass!


you got some strong skills !
i love those pics :buttrock:


Very good Work, i love it.:bounce:


I actually thought the first image was an extremely good render before I saw your name, depth and lighting is unquestionably excellent. However, as usual I do have some comments :slight_smile:

Mainly I’m having trouble with the hand, first of all it seems a bit out of proportion. I have pretty large hands and I can manage the pose in the image ( touching shoulder with thumb and opposite side of chest with two fingers ), but with my hand quite streched out, not relaxed like it looks in here ( I’m not a very broad-shouldered guy either ). Also, it feels like the hand is free-floating in a way, partly from the above I guess, but also I can’t see a connection with the lower arm, it looks like it sort of ends in thin air. Maybe if the image had been a bit higher and showed more below the hand I wouldn’t have thought it strange. As always everything IMHO, I’m sure some will not agree :wink:

I wish you luck with the book, better health in the future, and perhaps some time for more side projects like these, they’re always a treat :slight_smile:


Again lovely paintings!.. always admired the faces.

And you are right about V tm: Bloodlines. Its addictive like hell! :wink:


What do you mean you did Roksana yesterday!? :eek: One day! Gosh! Amazing work! I adore the second painting of Roksana. The attention to detail in the dress is outstanding. What sort of resolution would be typical of your work Linda?

Looking at the ‘link’ Roksana again… corsets usually lace up from the back… don’t ask me how I know, I just do! :wink:


[b]Magnificent pictures.:thumbsup: The first one is luminous, with vibrant colors.
My favourite one is the Link image…great work, and I love those pale skin tones! :slight_smile: