AICN speaks to PIXAR's Brad Bird


QUINT: Pixar is known for paying very careful attention to story above all else… it seems to be first priority with them.

[b]BRAD BIRD: Absolutely. Story is king. There’s a lot of people know who are really trying to push this really stupid agenda that CG equals success and 2-D equals failure. That’s gonna last as long as it takes for somebody to put a good 2-D story out. You know, I’m looking forward to the SPONGEBOB movie! (laughs) If SPONGEBOB is the success that I think it will be, they’ll probably say, “Well, that’s based on a TV series!”

[b]The funny thing is the people at Pixar are considered the experts of CG and yet no one at Pixar thinks 2-D is dead. Everyone at Pixar thinks 2-D is great, everyone loves the clay work of Nick Park (WALLACE AND GROMIT), people loved LILO & STITCH and SPIRITED AWAY. No one there thinks 2-D is dead. QUINT: You started off in 2-D with your SIMPSONS work, then did IRON GIANT, which was 2-D with 3-D elements. Now you’re on to a fully 3-D movie. You mentioned on your panel that you’d like to direct live action. Is that what you’re interested in doing next?

[b]BRAD BIRD: I have been and was kind of on the edges of it. I was one of the credited writers on BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED, although there’s very little of my stuff in there. QUINT: I have fond memories of that movie.

[b]BRAD BIRD: Well, there’s not a lot of me in there. I wrote one of the live action AMAZING STORIES. I storyboarded a lot in that, too. I’m actually in it, too, as Scientist #3 or something. It’s something that I want to do, but one of the fun things about working with 3-D was moving the camera around and have a lens selection that would basically mimic actual lenses and play with light and stuff.


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What tshirt is that?


it’s a logo taken from one of the crew T-shirts from Incredibles.


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