AICN: Photos from Disney's SIGGRAPH Booth (Tons of upcoming projects)


Guys Roberto here, I feel I need to make a short editorial comment.
If you want any sort of future in this industry, please dont send stuff to Harry Knowles…
It is not worth it…

Anyway, here are the pics from the Disney Booth at SIGGRAPH.


Wow that sure is some beautiful work, especially Wilbur Robinson! Does it have anything to do with Lost in Space or what?


What do you mean?

I cant believe Harry knowles was at siggraph by the way , i missed the opportunity to push him down the long stairs :frowning:


beautiful work so far… hopefully they wont start cutting more money from these films

most impressed with the artwork for american dog… if they can get that to translate to 3d animation well… beautiful

i’m two steps ahead of you guys… i had no idea who harry knowles was! :slight_smile: till i googled him

favorite googleline: and excuse the language… i’m quoting
“Hollywood Bitchslap: Bonehead of the Month #1: Harry Knowles Must GO!”


WOW…for a moment there I was a little worried about Disney and it’s product.

Lookin’ sweet…especially the Wilbur Robinson project. I’ve always enjoyed the art of William Joyce (most noteable for George Shrinks and Rolie Polie)…oh…knock it off…you gotta know this stuff if you have kids that love storytime…LOL

William Joyce has a really cool retro feel and I was really impressed with Wilbur’s time machine…take a look at some of his animated works on PBSKids’ George Shrinks…you’ll really like the art. I think it’s Jade Animation that provides the animation.


So can anyone who was there go in to some depth on the rigging of some of the Chicken Little characters? They showed the rigs during Kevin G’s talk and evidently they were quite impressive. Man I wish I could’ve been there…


From the screen shots and such, that Wilbur Robinson movie looks very promising. And its great news that Disney is still pouring a good bit of money into new CG projects.


The booth may seem amazing, but it has nothing on the Sketch Walt Disney Feature Animation gave during the conference how they converted 2D artists to 3D. I found it very interesting how they wanted to keep the ‘Disney look’ and I actually look forward to Chicken Little now.



it’s a good thing Peter Jackson didn’t heed this advice when he was promoting Lord of the Rings through AICN. they helped to create a rabid fan-base for those films even while the film was still in it’s Pre-Production stage. I know this is true because it witnessed it first-hand through my roommate and some of his geekier friends. hehe.


I think these all look real nice. I especially will be looking forward to American Dog.


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