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Hello all,

I was looking for advice on the future of my schooling. I currently attend the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Although I know that the art institute is no a prestigious school, I was unsuccessful in finding another game arts program within Pennsylvania.

I am curious as to what the artists on heres opinion of AI is, and whether or not my degree from this school would be a valuable asset in my future endeavors.

thank you
-Kyle Hickey


Well first you need to ask yourself why are you in Pennsylvania? If you think you could move to a new place and learn the things you need to, then you should do that. Dont waste your money on something you dont want or wont be the best you can get. Im not saying your education is being wasted but your money is.


I was interested in the AI too, but started looking for reviews etc, everywhere i looked, found people complaining about how the AI just was a joke, instructors were not teaching well, not transferable credits, big ripoffs… on and on, there’s even a website thats called “” that is gathering people and sings to take legal action or something like that. The point is, if you can go somewhere else, do it.


Now, me personally, I went to AI and immediately got a job in the industry (that is atypical). What is typical would be that 75% of your class won’t try very hard, and will only do the minimum, they will pass, but they won’t be ready for the industry. I wouldn’t thank AI for where I am today either. In fact, I can’t stand the outrageous monthly payment I make for attending their extremely over-priced school. I went to AI-San Diego, the faculty there was descent, they seemed knowledgeable and there was a handful of them that were actually recently or currently in the industry that offered a lot of good information that prepared me for my career. Here is the catch, Pittsburgh isn’t a big game industry hub, so your local pool of people that know what they are doing is very small, San Diego on the other hand is a bit more of a hub, and has a surplus of game industry talent.

The biggest thing is that if you are just saying you want to be a game-artist then you can say that from home on your mom’s couch, it takes a lot of work to become fluent enough to get into the industry. You can’t go to school and expect to only work a few hours a night at home, you have to work until 4 AM. I believe this to be true no matter where you go to school. I wouldn’t recommend AI for tuition prices alone, but I think you can make your way into the industry with enough hard work at any school. Your hard work will show in your portfolio. Any school will provide you the direction, and faculty will give you basic guidance, but no teacher at a college level is going to hold your hand and pick you up every time you fall.

You get what you put in. (I work with 3 guys from AI-Pittsburgh currently)

Good luck with your decision. And work 10X harder than you think you need to, to “pass” the class, and you be fine where ever you attend school.


I wouldn’t spend the money they are asking on an AI.
See this thread:


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