Ahrgaash The Basher, Jean-benoit Lachance (3D)


Title: Ahrgaash The Basher
Name: Jean-benoit Lachance
Country: Canada
Software: 3dsmax 6, Vray, Photoshop 7,

This is my bad guy for the animation named “Crippled Magic”. His name is Ahrgaash the Basher… For more details go on my website too view some animation for the short movies…



reminds me of the warcraft3 orcs :smiley:

i’d work on your texture (specular map is a little high, imho) and add a real background :slight_smile:

so long, retrop


thats pretty nice. The lining of the colar could use some work and just the armor in gneral.His earing should look more metal and i would work on the membrane over his eye as its not very realistic. His scar over his eye is not visible acept by the color. No geometry.

other than that its very nice.


but, What is this!!!.
People in this forum work in pixar, dreamworks or something!!! Reallly niceeeeeee.


Nice ogre, but the theeth are kind of too flat. Bump map them and Blizzard will buy it:D


Thanks to all of you…thanks to your comments…more comments i receive better i will become…

Thanks again

Jib in the Poutine land


yeah and also about the teeth. They should be reflective with hot specular as they should be wet. Especially considering how slimy nd wet the face looks.


moi aussi la, j’aime une bonne, grosse poutine dans l’matin. pour midi, une poutine extra large, pour le souper, j’aime une bonne poutine en regardant don cherry a l’ tele. la. nice image!


Here you can watch a little animation of this character…



wow col man :slight_smile:

but the white eye make me sick :argh:

if you make it blak and red (wow dode :))


another angle


I am no CG Artist, so no crits to any technical aspect here. However I would rework the scars on your model. Never forget, scarrtissues always lack pigments. And the buldge is quiet larger as most ppl think, once you cut yourself deep enough and don’t let the wound get sewed by a doctor.

I’ve got a 1.3cm wide (peak) scar on my arm which resulted from a 1.5-2mm wide edge, which penetrated the flesh for about ~1cm on a lenght of about 4cm. It’s a nasty thing to look at, any cut by a blade used for combat etc. will leave quiet more prominent marks, especially back in barbaric timesettings.

Why do I say this? Because I see that you intend to give that orc face a quiet combat proven aspect, and his wounds fail to deliver this expression to me at least.


please send me some picture of your scare…me i got no scare like yours…


Looking awesome… Although I think that the shoulder plates could use a little more Bump… And also there’s seems to be something a bit plastic about the skin texture… But the model itself looks really good…


Jib unfortunately I have atm no direct possibility to take a pic. I know that it is quiet hard to find any good reference in terms of scars in the face region. Especially if you are intending to model scars caused by medieval melee weapons, which really had far from nice edges and caused ugly wounds.

However I will provide you a link by PM about a quiet famous and disturbing pic of a Hutu with heavy scars in the face region caused by a machete, so that you can expand your model on it. Important to know is, besides the terrible message it bears, in regard to all the suffering which happened in Rwuanda, that his wounds got medical threatment, which means that the buldge is not as wide as it would be without it. Which is quiet important for your Model, since I don’t think Orcs would sew any wounds at all, due to their nature, and due to the period of time. While you can say that the odds to survive such wounds without threatment are really minimal, so you have to find a balance for yourself what makes your orc combat proven but not to overdone.

Other fictional references can be found in the movie Lord of the Rings, where you see some Orcs with “well” shaped scars in the face region.

I like your model in general, but just thought that I could provide you with some feedback, even if its just a small detail like a scar. :wink:


i always see a lot of orc characters…(i like 'em too so im not gonna get on ur case)…and the messed up eye is a nice characteristic i haven’t on orcs before. :love:

just a few tips…

  1. um, try to high res him up a bit more…the shoulder peice is a bit blocky. add a few polys on it.
  2. high res the textures as well, look great, but looks kinda like web images
  3. lastly, get a spec map on his face. if u already do, watch a few of the spots on the face. not everything is equally shiny, some parts are more oily.

great work


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