Ahmad Al-Mahir - Animation Session 11 - Action Cut


Alright. I have to start somewhere. First time trying animation in here. Be kind.

My idea is:
Man strains. Man obtains relief. Man turns to finish up. No toilet paper.
Here’s the basic storyboard:

Pretty predictable i know. Not too sure about that 1st frame. And the last frame needs to be improved for better impact. Any help appreciated!

PS: I’m also using a Biped and CS for this. Be so very kind!


ahahaha… it’s predictable but very fun!:thumbsup:



I wanted to make use of the initial momentum i got built up and managed to bang out an update. I’m using a character I modelled awhile back on top of a Biped skeleton. This is my little blocking test (I don’t know if you can call it that) using 3DS Max and Character Studio:

Blocking test 01 AVI

What do you think?

Edit: Maybe I should call them 1st pass, 2nd pass etc…


hehe … everybody knows the situation, I’m for sure … :wink:

About your animation:
The steps in your storyboard are pointed out really well. But in your first animation the single steps aren’t any more so clear. Try to stay closer on your storyboard - that’s what I think. Especially the first two pictures … when he sits and strains are very strong.
The turn back of the man at the beginning of your animation doesn’t appear to me very clearly and logically.
As I said, look at your storyboard once again … and maybe block out your first extremes … to get a better understanding of good poses and good timing.



Hey Susanne, thanks a lot for replying and giving me your crits. Glad you think the storyboards are effective enough. Yeah the poses in the animation aren’t really that accurate especially the 1st one. I thought the 1st pose was doable but it seemed a bit too extreme going from 1st pose to 2nd within a few frames in the anim that’s why I changed it. I’ll work on that.
Also I’m having 2nd thoughts about using that particular model. He’s stooped so his big head tends to get in the way. Maybe I’ll just use a generic Biped or one of the free rigs (since time is running out).
Even though it’s getting a lil busy at work I’m still in it! …i hope…


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