Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, tga alpha channel help.


Previously I had this same problem that i’m having now but found a solution. Since i’ve moved to Photoshop 7 I can’t get it to work anymore. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease someone help as this driving me nuts:annoyed: What I wanna do:

I have an image
Take into photoshop
Make alpha channel
Save as TGA with alpha channel.

I have created an alpha channel but when I try save it doesn’t give me the option to save alpha channel? Ichecked in the frickin help file and it helps me jack.


Save as a PSD file. That format saves everything. If for some reason you don’t want to use PSD it is possible to save into GIF format without switching color modes to indexed colors. GIF format will keep all your alpha channels, but will flatten all your layers. If you choose to imbed RGB color mode into GIF format the file will be ****ing huge, so you might as well just go with PSD. The only difference is that the GIF file will be viewable on a webpage, but the PSD format keeps all the Photoshop features such as guides and layers.


Sorry man I actually need TGA as I need to have varying levels of opacity and gif only allows 0% opacity or 100%. PSD won’t do the job. I have done before but for some reason it won’t work now:(


Two options.

  1. Get the photoshop 7 upgrade to 7.1 from Adobe’s site.

  2. You upgraded to 7, so you still have an older version right? Copy the Inport/Export plugin for TARGA from your older version, and replace the one in PS7 with that one.

Either way, this will fix the problem.

Reason for the problem:

Adobe, after 6 versions of using the Incorrect version of the TGA file, along with almost everyone else, deided it would be a good idea to impliment the format the way it was originally intended. They neglected to factor in that after 6 versions of photoshop, various corel draw’s, painters and Paint shop pro’s that people might have more uses for the “mutant” TGA’s than the original format.

Smart thinking Adobe. But at least they addressed it in the 7.1 patch.


a flattened .TIF also can save various alphas channels just like a .TGA.

I beleive though they do not easily acheive the 24bit(or 32??, not looking right now) of a .TGA.
But they work good as a great substitute, though I do like .TGA’s way more.


damn… got beat to it. :wink:

Just upgrade to 7.1


Thanks guys will look into upgrading:)


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