Aggie93 - Starting Anew!


I got a Wacom Cintiq this weekend. I just had time to do one drawing. I LOVE IT! It is just like a pad and pencil. Anywho! Here is what I just finished from Loomis. I am ready to take on some more. So I am going to start my graphic novel within this thread and using my NEW CINTIQ.:thumbsup: Here are a few sketches with the new tablet.


Hey Davey! Congrats on your Cintiq! :beer:
(I am jealous!! ) :smiley:


anandpg - thanks. It was a pretty penny to buy. One good thing is I bought it through the company because it can be used to do digitizing too.

I did this 30 minute study last night before church, another Loomis. I want to start painting again now. I got new life with this cintiq.


Hi Davey, welcome back! Have fun with the cintiq!


Thanks Batte812! I took a semester off between getting my Master’s degree and starting my Doctorate degree. This gives me some relaxation time to play with my new toy! I hope to post some good stuff soon. I just need to get the cob-webs out of my drawing hand.


:wavey: HEY Aggie…WELCOME BACK…:thumbsup: :slight_smile:

I was wondering if you had ever gotten the book…DYNAMIC FIGURE DRAWING by BURNE HOGARTH…If not, you should…I think you are ready to practice what he teaches in that book…Loomis is alright for some bacic stuff, but Hogarth is where it’s at when it comes to teaching Forshortening of the figure and putting it into deep space…He goes way beyond what Loomis has to offer on figure contruction…Anyway, just thought I would mention it to you, just in case you didn’t know about that book.
Good luck with your new pen and tablet…Put some miles on that sucker…:smiley: :thumbsup:


I just looked at this book at Amazon. They have a revised copy out too. It looks like a good book, something I need to study now.

Thanks, Spirit. I plan on getting a lot out of it… about $1200 worth at least! :eek:


I started another piece. I do not know how far I will go with this one, but I am tired tonight. I will work on it again tomorrow. It is so much easier using the new tablet. Just like pencil and paper.


HEY Aggie…Here is a link to the printers that I use for my stuff…Ive had good results over the years with them…I usually get mine gallery wrapped GICLEE on semi gloss finish canvas…They have alot of choices to choose from, so you might ask what will look best for what you want done…They are nice people and very helpful in answering any questions you might have.
You can ask for several differents “proofs” and then select the one you like best. My pictures always seem to be best on one of the slightly lighter “proofs” so it is worth having them send three versions to pick from


Thanks Spirit. I saved that link. I will give it a try next time.

I wanted to post a belly cast I did on my wife’s pregnant belly last year. I cut USGS quadrangle maps of my area into strips and pasted them on the cast. I then painted it with polyurethane to seal it and give it a shine. I just need to figure out how to display it; hang it or place it on a stand.

By the way, it was a baby boy born in June 2009.


Sketching tonight before and after the Superbowl. Yea Saints!

Before: Loomis Sketch

After: Sonja Portrait Sketch


After a comment from Mr. Mu to have me explain my graphic novel idea, I have decided to start a working thread of the art work that will be in it. I was reluctant at first thinking that I would just have a single website dedicated to it but at the rate I am going I will never finish. It is just a hobby so take it with a grain of salt. I encourage comments, critiques and ideas.

So without further adu, I introduce Allu.


[left]Allu is a mythical character. She is the faceless succubus, daughter of Lillith (another succubus), and in my story, an angel from heaven. Allu was raised to create corruption in the human world by any means. Allu is a beautiful creature with some exceptions. She is faceless, has horns, three fingered hands and just above her knees down are legs of a lioness. Her hair is white. She wears no clothes but is covered by a animal-like demon named Cerberus (but this dog does not have a head) wich rides on Allu’s back. Instead Cerberus has wings like a bat, tail like a dragon, webed hands which descreatly covers Allu’s breast, and its hind limbs only serve the purpose of covering her pelvic region. Cerberus gives Allu the ability to fly. Cerberus is her best companion and would die for her.[/left]

[left]The story’s concept has bounced around after reading stories and watching movies. Right now it is going to be based in the near future with a Devine Comedy idea. Allu will struggle with good and evil. She will befriend a male and female friend from the human world. They will encounter an angel from heaven that will direct them to discover the history of Heaven and Hell while traveling through the depths of Hell to track Allu down to save her from doing wrong.[/left]

[left]How’s that so far? I hope to post something often. The next few posts will be design concepts of Allu.[/left]


are you sure that you want make her faceless? and if yes… why?


Here are some previous character concepts of Allu. I have gone from realistic to manga with her. Tell me what y’all think!

My First Allu design:

Realistic Allu:

And here is my only scene I have created so far:

It is a war scene that shows people gathering around a bomb blast that will have taken the legs of our main male character. He will eventually get prosthetic legs. This will play a part in the story later!


Cisc0 - Yes, first off during my research for characters I came across this link that defined her. The second reason is because I do not have to draw her face. However, later in the story she will begin to gain facial features. Starting with her mouth being able to open up. With cosmetic surgery in the future she could gain all her facial features. Just a thought.

Thanks for the questions and thoughts. I appreciate this it will keep me on my toes.


Here is where I first introduced Allu. I was not even thinking of a graphic novel at this time. It was my interpretation of the Satyr et Nymphs painting. I decided to make it a Incubus et Succubi rendition. Each Succubi is an actual succubus character which I researched to make them more realistic… from mythical creatures.

This was a 24" x 36" color pencil work! My allu character took all aspects of the three lower succubi; see the tale of the bottom one and the horns of the one on the left. The upper one with the crown would be Lillith.

and here is a close up that I started digitally painting.


Hey Aggie, I hope you don’t mind but I’ve merged your threads, I think one or two is enough :wink: and you’ll get more responses that way anyway. Thanks!




I was recently told to read the book “Creative Illustration” by Andrew Loomis.
So as I am more than halfway the book now, I can tell you that your graphic novel would benefit a lot if you put what Mr Loomis describes in his book in practice.

I like your Allu character.
She seems to have spirit.
The realistic Allu looks a lot more appealing to me, but I guess I just don’t like manga that much. (You gave her brown hair though in the realistic sketch?)

What about the story?
Did you write a complete script beforehand or will you let the story develop as you go?

Congratz with the newborn btw.


That is fine Reb. I should have used it anyway.

NR - I have a hard time breaking from the realistic style. I would like manga to be more simplistic but I do not draw that way. Allu was an evolving character when I learned more about her and the direction I wanted to take the story. As far as the story goes, I have an outline of what I want to have in the story but as I read more stories and watch more movies I change some of the details of the story. I am really having a hard time as to the format I want to make the story. Should I follow regular comic style or make it more like an illustrated book? I was thinking of a combination of both.

I am working on the Cerberus creature right now since I am snowed in at the house. I am mixing species; dragon, shark, snake, etc. I am putting the sketal features together to see if the animal works. Cerberus will be an ectosymbiotic species with Allu but it will be able to survive without her for a certain time, and visa versa.

Thanks for the input and advise. I will check into the Loomis book. Is there a PDF copy somehwere online?


Found the PDF copy of that Loomis book. You have to register for free and then download it. Here is the link. I will be working with this book as well as many others to refine my characters. I am still working on the skeletal structure of Cerebus. It is like playing… I hate to say it… god. I am putting together anatomy from different species. It is coming together quite well. I will post it later on today.