Agent of Chaos, Joseph Grundfast (3D)


Title: Agent of Chaos

Name: Joseph Grundfast

Country: USA

Software: After Effects Modo Photoshop ZBrush

Submitted: 3rd August 2008

My first finished Zbrush piece - Mistah J under lockdown at Arkham. Note the movie poster in the background on our left :wink:

Taronites AE Render Plugin
Photoshop sweetener


this is an awsome work man , your joker is great ***** in every thing


oh super jobbbbb


Wow! no words. 5 stars for me too.


great job dude . :thumbsup:
y is the rating thing on 3 stars ?
u post a cg girl or something and u r gonna get 5 stars and lots of comments but for something like this amazing piece only 3?! its not fair…
5 stars from me
keep it up.


Hello,I really liked the render ,kind of a 2d feel to it,which makes it look very good.


Thank you everyone for the feedback!

Here are a few images of the progression:


he scares me :P,
nice job anyway


oops… simply amazing****



THAT is the Joker that I know! 5 stars for sure!


Awesome that you used ZbornToy to render. Taron did some amazing things with that plugin. Very cool stuff. So much detail! :cool:


Hey! Love this piece! u have really captured a cool faceexpression! no less than 5 stars from me :stuck_out_tongue:


great expression and mood.

Your giving me ideas now. :slight_smile:



Thanks so much everybody for the wonderful feedback!


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