Age Of Wonder


Hi ppl …
another Thread ,anthoer dream ,anthoer project to challange.
I think some of u have play with the game (Age Of Wonder) I found it cool…
I am dreaming of making the world of Wonder with the 12 fantasy races :

* Archons
* Dark elves
* Draconians
* Dwarves
* Elves
* Frostlings
* Goblins
* Halflings
* Humans
* Orcs
* Tigrans
* Undead

Each one of these races have there own attitude ,history ,and behavior .
I want to make a short to describe each race in a few min (about 3 min for the race)
I know it sounds crazy but why not ???

If we success in these we can continue with another short to describe the relations betwen these nations …
Ok enough with talking …
any one is welcome to join the project ,I’ll send some referance images to start working with and the info about the race we will work with ,and the script for the short…

any one welcome to give us more ideas or any kind of help


Hey there!
Wow…thought I might never get to say hi again…PM me to let me know how you have been keeping. :wink:


Hi again …
I intend to work with more than one race in the same time but that’s if there is a serious team which we can divide the work…
Let’s start with the Goblins and Frostlings…
We need images related to each race for (characters,buildings,interiors,…) I am searching for these images hope u can help…

I think we can have some help from the art of feng zhu .

Any way here is some info about the Goblins ppl:
Goblins squirmed forth from the bowels of the earth, far before they were supposed to," so says a myth. Goblins are filthy sadistic creatures, which delight in destruction and chaos. They bubble from the earth as a filthy mass. They desire to reclaim all dark caves from any other living thing. Goblins have mastered many subterranean creatures, including a massive beetle, which speeds through the rough-hewn caverns.

Goblins are expert in the craft of poisons. They have a characteristic shriek that sounds like a high-pitched laugh, which they use to signal to other goblins in their caves. They are short and skinny, hunched over with lengthy arms that dangle near to the ground. Their skins are typically faded orange and brown, matching the earth. They have considerable eyesight underground, and are seldom taken by surprise.

Older Goblins are sent to the afterlife by means of a large bomb strapped to their backs. Often in their haste to get to the “Land of Echoing Screams,” the goblin paradise, they may “accidentally” take a few of their younger kinsfolk with them. Life is cheap among the Goblins.

and some info about Forstlings ppl:
There’s a saying in the northern borderlands that goes, “Trust a Frostling, die of hunger.” There’s no such thing as an evil Frostling, but because of their circumstances they are driven to dire actions. So it is the fate of the Frostlings to remain on the brink of starvation, surrounded by frozen lands and jewels of desolate ice. Despite their limited means, they have remarkable resourcefulness and they have a natural ability to draw in elemental magic. Many of their followers have learned to cross the toughest terrain effortlessly, thus enabling them the power to raid the domains of their rival races and then retreat into the less hospitable lands for safety. They have learned to handle some of the creatures of the tundra and have formidable powers to bring their icy lands into the fertile lands.

Frostlings appear similar to Goblins in form, but they do not possess a goblin’s mind. In times of peace and abundance, the Frostlings have forged legendary structures, and adorn their world with glittering diamonds made of ice. A thousand legends surround the enigmatic Frost Queen who often takes shelter among Frostling cities, while the lights of the northern sky blink, crackle and bend to protect the Frostlings from malicious forces desiring to steal their secrets.


Ok ppl here are some ref images for the Forstlings race (feng zhu art)…
Still need more ref images … I have collect many images for the races ,any one r welcome to help collect images so we can choise from them…
any one want to start the modeling plz inform me so we can organize the project.


start modeling with a castle … didn’t dicide which race it’ll be belong to (may be The frostlings or The undead )


Looking at the size of your project (which is a cool thing :slight_smile: ), won’t it be a good idea to clearly define a graphical style for each race first?


I hope to give the races more realistic style if that what u mean … I know it will be hard but let’s give it a try.

ok let’s talk alittle about The Frostlings :
1- (A thousand legends surround the enigmatic Frost Queen who often takes shelter among Frostling cities) [color=white]so we need a concept for the queen .[/color]
2- The short for the Frostlings will start with a moving camera through the mountains coverd by ice so we need to model a land scape…
3- Then the camera will move above a bridge which in the past images…
4-then the shot will end with a castle or a city for the Frostling (need concept image for the castle)
later will be a near camera into the castle with the frostling queen and anthor shot for the frostlings fighter preparing for war … bla bla bla :slight_smile:

any ideas r welcome…


What I ment is that it might be a good idea to start with making concepts of how the visual styles of the different races would look. Thing like, how do they look themselves, what does their architecture look like? All that kind of stuff.

I think this is a good idea to give you some sort of a solid basis from which a team could work.
Just an idea :slight_smile:


Of course that’s a great idea ,and that’s what I am asking the team for ,cause I am not good with the concept drawing :slight_smile: … that’s why I am searching the net for referances image …
so if u can help with this problem u r welcome.


Killer concepts :slight_smile:


Here is a concept for The Dwarves (sorry I don’t know the artist):


Hi all
some links for the envoirment …
still need more concept images.
I am still working with the castle and I’ll send an update soon:wise:


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