Again, Silo UV mapping !


So I’m trying to unwrap this shape, I have all the seams marked then do Recreate Using LSCM Unwrapping and get this .
So I save as obj and move this object to Blender, I mark the seams and do the same, unwrap and get that .

  • As I remember Blender is using LSCM too .
    - Isn’t Silo’s LSCM the same as Blender’s LSCM ?

So the question is, can we please Nevercenter get better unwrapping system with better algorithm?
Or maybe I do something wrong and the flow of unwrapping an object in Silo is different then in Blender or other software …


Hi Giakaama7, did you try to re-create UV’s using XYZ co-ordinates before making your seams and unwrapping using lscm?


Yes, the thing is that it feels the algorithm only do some unwrapping and some shapes are deformed, is not that optimized like in blender’s case, or 3dcoat’s algorithm .


Giakaama7, can you post the model here so I can take a look at it?


It’s not about only this particular model :), it’s about how Silo unwraps objects and if that unwrapping algorithm can be made better :slight_smile: .

I’ve just seen this and I was WOW nice functionality :slight_smile:


Silo would benefit from better UV tools. The existing ones are great once you get used to them, but try unwrapping a sphere to fit a panorama image :wink:


I really wish that Nevercenter guys implement the way to do UV’s 3D Coat style. Even Maya in the last installment 2018 tried that :slight_smile: . I really want from Silo, some UV tools that I should not think to use Blender’s , or 3D Coat, or UV Layout for unwrapping :slight_smile: and when try to compare unwrapping in Silo and Blender or UV Layout, the silo UV’s are the best :slight_smile: .


Oh I hate that issue myself! Spent this afternoon UVing the Tardis for a mate…

If you use Blender you have awkward mesh-selecting tools with wonderful placement of UV islands. But with Silo its the reverse and you have excellent tools with lazy island-placement. It does seem a bit of an effort to bring 3DCoat in just to cover this one task, and so one goes with what they feel is the lesser of the two evils.

So yes, NC, better island placement please.


Although Silos UV tools are lacking in comparison to 3DCoat (some advanced s*** over there) i love working in the 3D UV view, a million times simpler to understand and have fun. Just like papercraft!


Agreed, it is fun and simple :), but maybe, just maybe some better packing and better unwrap algorithm ?
Keep the flow, of marking seams and do a LSCM unwrap, or select faces and do a XYZ Coords . But the islands created should be better unwrapped and better packed .
Some tools are nice to have :slight_smile:

  • Rectangle Unwrap ( for pipes and cylinders )
  • Relaxing an island holding the borders in place

What’s great in 3D Coat is that you get real-time feedback, unwrapping and packing . The islands have different colors to see what is what. And have 3 algorithms for unwrapping . It’s very intuitive .


What could be implemented (if not very hard) is to unwrap proportionally, i mean that the uv pieces keep their size compared to one another.


I think that it’s already in Silo . "Scale UV Proportionally " .


true, but not between separate objects.


Oh ok :).


In Silo’s UVs/Materials menu, near the bottom there are 3 wonderful options:

  • Arrange UVs In Bounds
  • Scale UVs To Bounds
  • Scale UVs Proportionally

They will help make life easier, especially the third one.

I just found these today myself. Why I never saw them before I dont know… :hmm: :rolleyes:

ps, I also see Im a little slow on the conversation about said tools. None the less, you can still use the options to quickly scale the islands for a piece to match and then manually eyeball it. I hve been manually eyeballing the whole thing so … again… :rolleyes:


Nice one matty! I totally overlooked that.


You and me both!

You’re welcome


The option to Arrange UVs in bounds does work with multiple items selected but it may not be the best option.

First image is the parts as they are arranged manually from a larger UV map. Second image is the result of the Arrange in bound options is used


Also just noticed that if you have UV thats warped when it unwraps, just use the “Recreate UVs > Using LSCM Unwrapping” and it evens out correctly.


Yep those tools are there. If you’ve seen in the images I also said about scaled to uv bounds, and arrange .

The thing is that some of the uv islands appear deformed that’s my issue with Silo. I’ve tried the same thing in blender and in 3d Coat and they do great with one click just unwrap . In Silo, you have to push 3 buttons to pack the tiles and arrange them ( it’s ok 3 clicks ) but the unwrapping algorithm has issues .

" 3 Clicks as in Unwrap LSCM then Scale uv proportionally then arrange uvs in bounds " :slight_smile: