AFX or Premier...


Hi all,
I use AFX for my animation editing and small digital editing. I recently graduated from a NY film school where we used FCP for editing our films…my question is…
Since I’m a PC guy, should I consider getting Premier or can I do the same things (editing) in AFX?
What’s the main advantages of one over the other…like I said, I know AFX but I don’t know Premier.


if you don’t see the difference between an editingapp (like fcp you say you learned) and AE you’re in for one hell of a surprise.

premiere, like fcp, is an editingapp. AE is a compositing/motion graphics app.


obviously I see a difference in using AE vs FCP. But I only used FCP for a one time shot so it’s not like I ‘mastered’ it. Because I use AE so much I love the effects and compositing I can produce…I’m looking for a reason other than the ability to splice footage together. One thing I didn’t like about FCP (and it may be that I just didn’t get a chance to use it that much) is that effects editing was not even close to using AE.

So I ask the question again…what’s the major difference. Is it just like using FCP where I could bring in footage and splice it together with other footage and that’s mainly what it’s good for?
If I wanted to add some effects to the footage, would I have to then edit that portion in AE, do my effects, then export it (make it a qt or avi) to use in Premier?
It’s not an unreasonable question from someone who hasn’t used Premier before and would rather get an answer here from those who may have used both.


you edit your movie in premiere (or fcp for that mather) and then composit the effects with AE based on the short you used in you edit.


Exactly - FCP and Premiere are editing apps. Their FX capabilities are basic - they are what you use to put the whole movie together.

Every shot you need complex FX work, you export to AE, do whatever is needed, then bring that finished shot back into place on your FCP or Premiere timeline.

As far as the “which should I get” between editing apps, what you should get is what you are comfortable using. Some may be better at “this” and some may be better at “that” but when you are finished with a project, people will have to take your word for it when you tell them which one you used. There will be no visual difference in the finished project between which app you use - Premiere, FCP, AVID, Vegas, Edius, Media100, VelocityHD if you still have it, etc.

Hope this helps-
-Lew :wink:


outstanding replys…thanks for the info.

I guess I’ll go with premier…it looks like it may be an easier learning transition from working with AE and it seems Adobe is making it so the apps can ‘work together’.


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