aftermath, Nikita Buyanov (3D)


Title: aftermath
Name: Nikita Buyanov
Country: Russia
Software: 3ds max, After Effects, Photoshop

hi there!
i present you my new work called “Aftermath”
basically i used 3dsmax and than postproduced the rendered picture in ps and ae.
wire can be found here -
this image will be animated with camera-mapping technique so later it’ll be a mattepainting-in-action :slight_smile:
many thanks to my colleague Koly_R for help and support


nice texturing and composite :wink:


Very good model and nice lighting :thumbsup:


thank you people!


Really amazing work !
It’s really hard to make a nice snow, and you did well. Can’t wait to see this in action !
Dit you paint the footprints, is this bump or is this just the texture ?


i needed to achieve much speed as possible, so i printed footprints.
also i plan to do camera mapping and animation :slight_smile:


Nice work, but I would like to see beter some ship`s details, instead of snow (my own opinion).


Great job very convincing! The footprints are a little big given the scale of the scene but other than that I really dig it - well done dude!


Very nice dude , i like the snow effect more


Nice work overall.

More building in close proximity may made thsi more convincing.

The footprint looks a little too big. Yati prehaps.


very nice . i like the atmosphere


very nice friend, i love it :slight_smile: thanks for sharing this wonderful piece. May i ask few questions?

  1. what was your approach for lighting
  2. how do you approached for snow?
  3. are you using matt paintings


wow really very good gob i like it the snow hes amazing wonderful

good luck 4 ever :beer:


Fantastic work. The concept is great, and it was well executed!


Excellent work, maybe it could be more dramatic, but the mood is already fantastic!


Wow really great piece.
Phantastic mood and amazing sense of depth.
I also like the amazing amount of details at the ships.
Great work! Keep it up!

Cheers Silverwing


Very good rendering. I love the ambiance


thanks a lot for your words, people!

  1. there were many light variants of this picture - from dark night to ambient foggy day.
    than i realized that i need to embrace the idea of “the apocalypse was a long time ago” and also i wanted to accentuate the shapes of objects - so i decided to take final varian of light position and angle - sharp sun shadows, counterlight, well lit snow to do some global illumination and so on.
    2.Snow. i researched a lot photos of snow, than started to model snow plane with a help of this pictures. i tried to make it as much realistic as possible - with some additional photorealistic textures and also some theoretical approach - how this snow will be covering buildings and objects if such environment will be.
  2. many of my matte-paintings were done for myself. this matte for instance will be animated for sure with 3d camera mapping technique


Yeah good models, and nice lightning. Good Job!!:thumbsup: