Do you have Thinking Particles? If so, I can post a scene later showing how to archieve that effect.



so actually its particles side setting? not afterburn setting? can be done with pflow?
can say yes, i have TP.( still learning TP, sometime still thinking like pflow (events base) when using TP (rules base)… hehehehe)




Here is the scene.
So, basically I create some particles inside the Tube. Then in a new Dynamic Set, I do the fade operation, and save that to a data channel (CH0 - Density)
In AfterBurn, you can use that channel in the Sphere Radius (just for visualization, you can adjust the Near & Far values in TP). After you like the fading, you can load it in the Density (setting Low Value to 0, and High Value to 0.5 -for example-). That’s it :slight_smile:

Here are some images (remember to add the geometry -in this case tube- into the Node op of the VolumePos, and also add the Camera into the FadeByCamera Dynamic Set)



thank you very much…Nahuel


Hi !

Being in my last year in a 3D animation school I have to make a short film about a plane sculpting a woman’s head into clouds.
So I intend to make the clouds with Afterburn but I need to have a precise shape with detail … I have the head’s mesh fill up with ParticleFlow on surface but the thing is : in Afterburn I would like to have different sphere size depending on the detail of the mesh. (I need smaller spheres around the eyes, nose, mouth and ears). I tried to animate the sphere size on object distance mode with another mesh -which was just the eyes, nose, mouth and ears areas- but the object distance mode seems to work just with the pivot point and not the shape of the object itself …

Does anyone already did it ? Any idea ?
It could also be great in PFlow to have more particles in detailed areas and less in others ! I don’t know how to do that…

To fill the head I need a lot of particles : around 400,000 ! Is it still a good way to work or should I use a completely different method to fill up a shape with AB ?
Or perhaps I can make this kind of cloud with something else than Afterburn ? Another plugin ?

Thanks a lot for any answer !


Raphtillie, i think you have several options:

  1. use Thinking particles (cebas Visual Technology Inc).
    make base head mesh. apply grayscale texture and use this texture to spawn different quantities of particles on the mesh. Create Float channel for this particle group. store size of future afterburn puff per particle and then use it in afterburn via TP Float IC.

  2. or you can use pflow (weird way)).
    As far as i know afterburn can’t use all these user channels (particleVector, matrix etc). all you have access to are pAge, pVelocity, distances and expression.
    i’d use particle age to store the size of corresponding afterburn puff (through script operator. And don’t forget to set finite age to particles with Delete operator for example) drawback - you will not be able to use age based test and operators (or store age in user channel).
    here is example (age used as size):

  3. some better way=)



Thanks a lot for those ideas ! My school doesn’t have any license for Thinking particles … I don’t think they would buy one. So i’m trying the 2nd method !
I’ll post some news when i’ll manage it !

Thanks again !


Hi all, I’m a hobbyist, and I’ve been trying to learn Afterburn following some online tutorials I’ve found. I’m using 3ds Max with vray 2, and AB4.0. I set up a simple scene with a PF Source, and a standard spot light with shadows turned on (I’ve tried all shadow types). I also turn on atmospheric shadows. I delete the rotation and shapes elements in particle view, and add an ABPflow element. I add the abpflow and light to AB and leave everything at default. If I render the scene without self shadows on, it renders (but no shadows). If I turn on self shadows, almost everytime, Max crashes to desktop. Sometimes Vray posts an error “…render region xxx…”, but the dialog says that although Vray generated the message, it may not be responsible for the error.

My system is dual opteron 6170s on an Asus Kgpe-D16 board, 24g ram, Quadro 2000, an intel 120g ssd for my OS, a hybrid drive where my programs live, and a couple other drives for storage. Oh, and win7 ultimate 64 bit.

I certainly will appreciate if anyone can help me solve this problem.


So… we just updated all our stuff to max 2012. We have new installers and lic info for both fume and ab. The lic info is all good. Fume will sim and render. Afterburn however I can get into the plugin just fine fiddle with settings and so forth. However It will not render… it renders to straight black. I have no idea why. Old files from max 2010 don’t render even the sample scenes just render to black. Anyone have any ideas? Could it be a DCPFLICS issue? I know the new stuff uses AfterFlics. Both are on my work machine.


are you using the new afterflics license server?


Ya we have all that figured out now… Thanks.


AfterBurn 4.1 was released a few days ago which fixes the problem and adds a Max2013 installer! I have to admit that new release totally flew under my radar until yesterday. Updated immediately. You might get an “AfterBurn Glow” loading error for duplicate IDs if you had former AfterBurn builds installed. Just remove the old Afterburn.flt file to fix this.



Were on 2012 still at work. Hmm I will let IT know to grab it for us. Thanks!