Hey Hristo,

So for a zdepth I tried to render the scene with 2 colors, red/green with a Distance for the ‘c1->c2->c3:’ parameter. This gives each puff a red to green color instead of the desired color from the front to the back of the scene.

Am I missing something?


Hey Brendan,

Go to Render > Render Setup > Render Elements and use the “FusionWorks Z Depth” render pass.


Or for the method I mentioned - choose shading with one color only, make the gradient red/green or just white/black, then right click the ‘PA’ icon next to the gradient, you can select ‘object distance’ and the camera. But the fusionworks zdepth is better, you won’t have to render AB twice, which is costly as hell.


Hey Guys

Just a quick question and I do apologise if it has (most likely has) been covered. Ive got my clouds looking perect for my needs but I just want the edge of the clouds to swirl to create a more realistic look. Could I ask which parameter it is to animate as I have tried pretty much all of them within the noise/turbulence section but it appears to be making no difference!

Thanks for any help (I have had a quick look back through the forum but not found the exact answer!)


EDIT you have my permission to slap me! … It has been soooooo long since I worked with AB I forgot that I needed to give the particles age! doh! … sorry :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re looking for Phase at the bottom. Make sure you turn on the curve (button to the right) and set a Hi value slightly larger than your Low.

This won’t really ‘swirl’ your clouds, but they will fluff about (technical term).


hi all,

I wanna use AfterBurn to simulate a nuke boom. At first I use FumeFX to make a fluid velocity, and I want Afterburn inherit its rotation. But it seens like doesnt work, how come?

The afterburn’s rotation only affect itself, is it? it couldnt receieve fumefx’s infomation?



I could be wrong, but I’m fairly sure the velocty data outputted by Fume is only position data, not rotation. Anyone else know for sure whether this is the case?

If you’re trying to get the rolling effect from fume, I’d suggest making using alot of Afterburn particles with a smaller size, then rely on animated phase to get the effect. Then again you might be better off actually doing the whole effect in fume.


I got afterburn after seeing it mentioned, but personally I have no idea where to start with the plugin…

I’m trying to make realistic clouds so I can make something very simaliar to this for my project at university so it’s ideal that I learn how!:


I’m using 3ds max 2011 and afterburn 4b I believe. Does anyone have any tips or advice on how to even start making these clouds?


Allan’s first DVD features Afterburn and there is a whole Afterburn Masters collection at the material is outdated but should give you a clue about how stuff works in AB. Afterburn still rocks!


Great! I’ll take a look at it. I’m sure I did try to follow a cloud tutorial yesterday and found that they were using a different version to myself which made it difficult to follow (as you can tell I’m not the most advanced user in the world) and gave up after 4 hours.


Hi there!

So I am pretty new at using Afterburn, so far it has been great!

I have question regarding rendering out my clouds that are more compositor friendly.

I have around 6 clouds layered in Z space. I have my key light right behind them, which is opposite of the camera. This creates some nice shadowing that cover my clouds that are closer to camera. However, what I want to do is seperate each cloud into it’s own rendered image with the other clouds hidden but still have their shadows casted on the cloud that is being rendered. Is this possible?

I tried using Visibility to Camera, but that seems to just turn off any shadow casting. Here is any example of what I mean:

Beauty of two clouds together:

First cloud render, but no shadows from second (using Visibility to Camera):

Second cloud render, but no shadows from first (using Visibility to Camera):

If you were to comp the 2nd image over the 3rd, you can see the shadowing difference compared to the 1st image. Any ideas on how to solve or a workaround for this? Thanks!


Might I ask what renderer you are using?


Default Scanline Renderer


hello all,

I am trying to render ABF as a single pass, but I noticed there is nothing about ABF in render element.

Fumefx has its own pass such as fumefx smoke and fumefx fire, I am wondering why ABF doesnt have its own pass for output?

Fusionwork velocity and Z-depth is not what I want, however, atmosphere will render FFX and ABF together, too.

So how should I do that could render single ABF pass out, when FFX and ABF integrated.



I concur. These 3 DVDs, by Allan, cover AB real well.


@toenexx:Dunno if you’ve found a way for the problem , but the way i’ll do it is to render both clouds together and then render each cloud with a solid white and black color to use it as matte. hope this help!


I got an issue with self shadows in afterburn… It seems that it wont do self-shadowing with light that has “Ray Traced Shadows” on unless I tick “Atmosphere Shadows” in the light params, but then it takes ages to render. If I switch it to “AB Shadow Map” it will shadow correctly… anyone have any clue why Ray Tracing doesn’t work…?


You should definitely use the AB Shadow map with the atmospheric shadows turned off in the light properties. The AB Shadow Map itself has another shadow type that 's used to cast shadows from geometry.


Hey everyone,how is it going ?

I am really interested and think you guys will be very interested in to how he did this animation using AFTER BURN ??? Take a look;

I mean there is no way he did it using afterburn seriously or did he ?? I can’t guess how he did it , any idea from you guys ?? Thank you.

Barış Can Öztürk


@Baris: Simply the guys are bluffing. There is no way it is done in Afterburn. I sense compositing of Real Footage in it.

BTW< where were you all these day bro? Never saw you online…:slight_smile: