Is there a need to update if your not using 2010?
Will this update benefit 2008 and 2009 users as well?

Thanks for sharing the info.



How is it possible to render multi-pass for a PFlow source (octane shader)?

No matter what I do with particles, they are always rendered. if it is not deleted, it is impossible to hide it from Afterburn. That means I can render the first pass, but I cannot render anything “after”.

It is actually a Collision Spawn. For the first pass, the trick was to set delete all for the new Event 02. But for rendering only Event 02, I really have no idea.


Instead of adding the whole pflow to the AB, add just the ab operator to a pflow event, and add that operator to the AB.


Set your camera to render multi-pass (either DOF or mBlur). Afterburn will render multi-pass this way.

If you still want your particle action but you do not want to render your particle shapes set the global pflow “render” node to “none” instead of “geometry” or remove any existing shape operators.


This is a noob question… I’m rendering super spray particles in afterburn - how do i prevent the original particle primitive from rendering as well? i think they’re triangles


I wondering if VRay 1.5 and Afterburn work together?

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faster than scanline :thumbsup:


faster than scanline :thumbsup:

I’ve actually been experiencing inconsistencys when using Vray and AB. I’ll be tweaking the shader then out the blue Vray doesn’t read AB as geometry, swiching back to scanline evertything works fine again…dont know if i’m doing some rediculously simple to fix but its anyoing going back to scanline to resovle the issue.

Anyone else having similar results?


For what it’s worth, a raytracer with adaptive anti-aliasing will be faster at rendering volumetrics than a scanline renderer for the primary reason that it doesn’t have to sample every pixel. A scanline renderer will sort through the screen pixels, shading each individual one whereas with a good raytracer you can under-sample, skipping x amount of sample points and thereby raymarch through volume faster. Of course, the trade off is detail, so only do this when you’re rendering soft, low-detail volumetrics.


Wow! Was that afterburn? That is the kind of afterburn results I want to create! Anyone know how to create something similar to that?


No, that was real life. :slight_smile:

But I’m sure it’s not particularly hard to recreate something like that with some well positioned lights inside the AB system and some properly configured shaders. And of course adding some glow and color balancing in post and you should be nearly there.

The only problem with using Afterburn is that it’s extremely hard to make it not look like balls of smoke compared to fumefx where you have the fluid motion working for you.

Making a still like the image in your quote should be pretty doable with Afterburn, but making a believable animation out of it is a lot harder.


this ones for thom wickes:

you can set your size to 0 in the particle size part of the particle generation.


Just thought I would post this… playing with AB… …7.35 mb


k its a good start… my advice?

at present youre worrying too much about getting the camera shake right! no amount of camera shake is going to make it look better if your elements aint right

remember this is a plane in flight going very fast which means there’s tonnes of drag and wind on the smoke and fire, and it would have much more movement its too static.
get some wind space warps on the particles and increase the size and opacity of the AB smoke as it happens it would be spreading out across your frame…

your could still have flames on the fuselage and pieces coming of it as it tumbles
planes are pretty flimsy once it rips its probably gonna go…

hope that helps with the vision its got potential to look cool


great crits mate…I thank you…yeah she does need a bit of work but I guess your right it’s a start…


Dig the theatrical qualities of this. The sound with only an abyssal view, then slowly you fade in the dreaded scene. The camera shake is okay but I think has to many small vibrations, vs. some small hits and then wide hand-camera swings; still a good way to brush out the chaos you are after.

Maybe hold up on the work for a turbulent camera shake until the end. You want to tweak your AB puffs a little, which are in the right place, but the shader is key here. you sort of want to storyboard out the blast and fuel path.

sketch of some rough idea, draw out where the fuel goes, then the heat, and then try and re-create that physical event with AB with the shader after you got the PFlow motion, which you sort of do now. When that blast goes off, you want a real hot gaseous blast, then some fuel falling and it lights on fire etc, and leads to the crash.

Cool how you have the people yelling in terror, as you know we’d never really be able to hear them…:twisted:


thanks robert.yeah I do need to think this out better.I’m going to work out a little storyboard of how I think this woud happen.(great Idea)

the people yelling haha …I know but it adds to the effect, I have gotten better at pf so I should be able to do something better.hmm should I use fume I wonder, or mabe a mix. hell i mite as well put some rf too.

thanks again mate


oh what the heck…heres the rest of that airbus thingie…I’m doing this all over but thought I would post the rest of the animation. This is not any better but it shows the other stuff I did (not much )to this. boy looking at it cool idea…bad exacution.oh well. Thanks for the imput mates.


It has potential, I would make the starting size of the spheres smaller, so they don’t pop on
and then adjust your explode daemons color up so it blows out more, something that intense isn’t going to be a nice soft red, it will be really intense blowing out flames (look at the nasa remote plane crash tests videos on the web) I worked on a forensics video of the famous cocorde crash in france and had to try to match what happened that day, all of the flames were really blown out, with that much fuel the fire is INTENSE.
I would basically adjust the explode daemons color to blow out more, adjust the size lower (So it becomes bigger) so you get more bigger tendrils. Try to make the first part a giant streaking flame, that then cools down into smoke after a little while. You can also add more to it later, such as bits of debris coming of etc. But the first thing I would do would definitely be to make the flames much more intense.

Also are you rendering it all at once? or in layers and comping it?

great start!


Thank you Allan… awsome advice. I do’t know where to start. How much do I owe ya…:slight_smile: (Printing)

using AE to comp but need to do some better layer work with glows and stuff…I think that’s what your getting at ?
funny …everyone is all fume fume fume…AB still has a lot to offer if it’s done right. … Doing a story board to help with this…thanks again mate

will post…